The Renewable Energy Home Handbook

Make the right choices for your home and your planet

Your step-by-step guide to choosing, using and installing renewable energy systems for the home
The Renewable Energy Home Handbook shows you how using sustainable energy for the home saves you money whilst saving the planet.
Showing how each type of renewable energy technology works, the pros and cons of each system are explained, and detailed step-by-step walkthroughs reveal how they are installed.
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This is the first guide book to explain in step-by-step detail what’s involved in installing your own eco-energy systems.
Showing how each specialist in their field installs every type of home renewable energy system, you'll see for yourself how it’s done, so that you can make the best choices for your home.

From one of the foremost technical writers and a green energy guru

Lindsay Porter is best known for his books on making car body repairs and mechanics easy to understand and carry out, but alternative energy and conservation have long been a passion for him and his wife, Shan.

This manual is very much a labour of love and Lindsay applies his commitment to making difficult subjects easy for everyone to understand, to the money-saving – planet-saving – systems we can apply to our homes.

© Copyright Lindsay Porter & Veloce Publishing Ltd 2015

© Copyright Lindsay Porter & Veloce Publishing Ltd 2015