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November 19, 2019
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Search help
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Search Help

The Book Search facility is designed to be easy to use. Simply type in a single word or multiple keywords each separated by a space. Usually entering a make (marque), or model name - or both - will find related books. The search engine will look through the complete website, so you can also find books by author, part number, ISBN or UPC numbers, or even by a component such as a carburettor or camshaft. It doesn't matter if you use capital or lower case letters.


  • "MX 5" will show all books that are about the Mazda MX5.
  • "speedpro" will find all books in the SpeedPro range.
  • "Camshaft" will find books containing information on this subject.
  • "dictionary" will find the book titled Automotive A-Z - Lane's Complete Dictionary of Automotive Terms






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