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November 19, 2019
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Essential Source Book series

Author and engineer Des Hammill is producing this series of deeply researched books on Ford's classic V8 engines. Des has spoken to the Ford engineers of the period to get the inside story of how these engines were conceived and developed. The books also contain reproductions of rare Ford technical material.

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RAC Handbooks series

With around 7 million members, and a 113-year history, the RAC organisation is regarded as THE expert on motoring. Veloce is proud to be the RAC's publishing partner and of the range of inexpensive, informative and, often, money-saving books we are rolling out as quickly as possible to aid motorists, motorcyclists and cyclists.

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Truckmakers series

Trucks - lorries if you prefer - are the Cinderellas of the automotive publishing world with just a handful of magazines devoted to the subject and a paltry number of books. Veloce intends to put this injustice to rights with its new Truckmakers series, each book putting an individual brand under the spotlight in a highly illustrated format.

Great value for money, these books are packed with pictures, facts and feats, and will build into a superb truck reference library!

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WSC Giants series

WSC (World Sportscar Championship) Giant books will focus on the cars that really stood out from the crowd in the long and exciting history of endurance racing. Each book will tell the story of a car, and the people behind it, that made a big impression in the record books and in the minds of sportscar/prototype racing fans the world over.

Great value for money, these books are packed with pictures, facts and feats. Collect the whole series!

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Rally Giants series

Individual Rally Giants books will focus on the cars and personalities that stand out from the crowd in the long and exciting history of rallying. The books tell the story of cars and people that have left a big impression in the record books, and the minds of rally enthusiasts the world over.

Great value for money, these books are packed with pictures, facts and feats from the annals of International rallying. Collect the whole series!

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The Essential Buyer's GuideTM series

Each book is a complete illustrated guide to an individual model of classic car written by a real expert on that particular model. When you've read the book you'll have the inside track on exactly what to look for to ensure that you get the very best car for your money.

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Auto-GraphicsTM series

Illustrated with beautiful original colour photographs by an award-winning photographer, this series takes a fresh look at the iconic cars, motorcycles and scooters of past and present that have caught the public's imagination.

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SpeedProTM series

These books are written by experts with real hands-on experience. Heavily illustrated and with clear text, they show you how to get maximum performance and the best handling for minimum cost. Fast, faster, fastest: SpeedPro(tm) delivers the goods!

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Enthusiast's Workshop ManualTM series

Based on full stripdown and rebuild carried out in a normal domestic garage and without special tools, these unique manuals are really easy to use, incredibly detailed, give tool sizes and torque settings in the text and never ever tell you that "reassembly is a reversal of the dismantling procedure" ...

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Colour Family AlbumTM series

These books are packed with fabulous full colour images by award-winning photographer David Sparrow. See your favourite vehicles pictured in sometimes quirky and amusing, but always brilliant, style. Text by Andrea Sparrow is always entertaining and never heavy-going.

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Auto-DocTM and Expert Guides

A brilliantly simple idea!

Every model of car has its own foibles, weaknesses and common problems. Here - distilled from the expertise of model specialists - is the means of quickly identifying a common problem and how best to fix it or, perhaps, details of a modification that will prevent a problem ever occurring. Become an expert on your favourite car.

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Enthusiast's Restoration ManualsTM

Stuffed with invaluable information distilled from marque specialists, these practical books guide you through every aspect of restoring a car from a wreck to a potential concours entrant. Packed with illustrations, they also describe the improvements to original specification you can make during the restoration process.

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Those Were the Days ...TM series

Your own time machine!

Each of these books takes the reader on a trip to visit or revisit some aspect of daily life that has now disappeared forever. Via evocative period images and entertaining but informed text, take a delightful journey backwards in time. Pure nostalgia!

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Expert Guides

Compact and comprehensive, our Expert Guides are here to help you identify issues, fix failings, and prevent problems with your vehicle.
User-friendly, extensively illustrated, and packed with information, including club details, having an Expert Guide in your car is like having a mechanic in your glovebox!

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