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November 15, 2019
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Because this is our home ... the story of a cat’s progress

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Because this is our home ...

Because this is our home ... the story of a cat’s progress
Available only in eBook & Audio book formats

By Mary Dowson
About the Author

Formats for all e-readers and ebook devices.

ISBN: 978-1-845845-73-5

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• All of the cats in the story are based on actual cats
• Story based largely on real-life events and experiences
• The countryside scenes in Mary’s amazingly detailed illustrations are real places in England
• Illustrates the need for a natural balance in the world
• Allows a more sensitive appreciation of the many wonderful animals who share the Earth with us
• An intriguing and enthralling story with a serious message
• Emminently suitable for readers of all ages
• Written from a cat’s perspective
• As if the animals were talking to us (if only they could!)
• A gentle reminder that nothing should be taken for granted


Julius’ last odyssey is an intriguing and enthralling story with a serious message.

Based largely on authentic wartime memories, Julius is the main character in this captivating story. On his last, momentous odyssey, courageous Julius sets off into the great unknown, coming face-to-face with the injustices and ambiguities of life from an animal’s perspective.


Julius was born in the prewar years, and escapes death by a lucky chance. Rescued by John, a gardener, Julius lives with him and his family through the dangers and privations of World War Two, and when John fails to return from the hostilities, the fatherless family is forced to live through tumultuous times. By the time that peace returns, Julius is getting old, and, when it seems that he will have to share his home and beloved family with a most unwelcome arrival – a dog – Julius decides to follow the Gladlight, wherever it may lead him. During his journey, Julius has many adventures and learns much, so that, by the time he reaches his final destination, he is a wise and philosophical cat, with a message to pass on ...

Additional Information

Easy-to-read text.
Beautifully detailed illustrations include many birds and flowers of the time.


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