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October 23, 2019
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MG, Made in Abingdon: Echoes from the shopfloor


MG, Made in Abingdon: Echoes from the shopfloor

By Bob Frampton
About the Author

Paperback • 21x14.8cm • 160 pages • 81 pictures

ISBN: 978-1-787116-08-5

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• Read about real life in the Abingdon MG factory
• What was the factory like during World War Two?
• MG – the marque that made Abingdon famous worldwide
• What was international rallying really like?
• The story of the people on the assembly line
• Personal accounts of the Abingdon story from those who were there
• Tales of triumph, romance, and tragedy
• The Golden Jubilee, beauty queens, and closure
• Investigates the reason for the factory closure – could it have been avoided?
• How did the people involved cope with the end of an era?


Here, from the memories of many men and women, is an intimate account of what it was like to work in MG’s Abingdon factory. From tea trolley to production line and from apprentice to manager, this book includes memorable events, romance, tragedy, humour, motorsport, and the lead up to factory closure.


MG was a home-grown concept that became an international success, bringing the small market town of Abingdon onto the global map. MG - Made in Abingdon recounts the inside story of the famous factory, recognising that the most important aspect of MG’s success was its team – the tea-boys and girls, the shop floor workers, the engineers and racers, the apprentices and management. From memories of the production line to recollections of racing incidents, the untold story of MG from the men and women who worked in the Abingdon factory is revealed for the first time in a book that is both nostalgic and historically important.

Additional Information

Period Covered: 1929-1980
Models Covered: 1927 Old Speckled Hen MG 14/40 (1)
1948 1965 Vauxhall Velox (230,000?)
1948 1971 Morris Minor/Traveller (1.3 million)
1949 1953 MG TD (29,664)
1955 1962 MGA (101,081)
1957 1957 EX 179/EX 181 (1)
1957 1965 Wolseley 1500 (39,568)
1961 1979 MG Midget (224,817)
1962 1980 MGB (512,243)
1963 1969 Triumph 2.5 (120645)
1968 1976 TR6 (94,619)
1971 1980 Morris Marina (807,000)
1972 1980 Triumph Dolomite Sprint (204,300)
1972 1976 MGB V8 (2,591)
1975 1981 Triumph TR7 (112,368)
1984 1995 MG Montego (7276)
1984 1988 MG Maestro (505)


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