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October 23, 2019
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Honda NR500/NS500  ‘One Day We Will Win’: The Trials of Regaining the Motorcycle World Championship


Honda NR500/NS500 ‘One Day We Will Win’: The Trials of Regaining the Motorcycle World Championship

By Yoko Togashi
About the Author

Hardback • 21x14.8cm • 192 pages • 20 pictures

ISBN: 978-1-787115-77-4

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Chapter Titles


• First in house analysis of the amazing NR500 Grand Prix Honda
• The true meaning of Hondaizm is in this book
• Oval Pistons, 32 valve, V8 engine with V4 Heads. Why it didnt work
• From making it to the first Corner to winning a Championship
• From Ignominious failure to glorious success
• Freddie Spencer’s Honda NS500 described by insiders
• Why Monocoque frames and 16 inch wheels couldnt be made to work
• Writer has written books on Rossi, Doohan, Rainey,Gardner, Roberts and Sheene in her native Japanese.
• Grand Prix Motor Cycle racing in detail from 1977 to 1983
• More than twenty Honda engineers interviewed


Honda’s 4-stroke heritage allowed world motor cycle racing and sales domination. However, in the 1970s two strokes dominated racing, damaging 4-stroke sales.
A winning 4-stroke Honda GP racer was needed, but it was a glorious failure. Finally, Honda went 2-stroke; the resulting NS500 Honda eventually met success in 1983.


Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday. Honda’s voracious success on track and showroom in the late Sixties turned them into world no 1. However, in the Seventies race winners were two-strokes; Honda didn’t do two-strokes and sales were flagging. Rather than race a two-stroke Honda designed an immensely complicated bike to beat the two-strokes, the infamous NR500, with oval pistons. Yoko Togashi worked with Honda and has written the first book on this ignominious failure, but more about the Honda engineers’ fight to get back to winning again with Freddie Spencer and the Championship winning 1983 NS500.

Additional Information

Period Covered: 1977-1983
Models Covered: Honda NR500, Honda NS500
Models NOT Covered: Any other motorcycles
The First Ever book on the Infamous oval-pistoled NS500.
Written by a Japanese Honda Insider.
The path to Freddie Spencer’s World Title.


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