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November 19, 2019
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BSA Motorcycles - the final evolution

BSA Motorcycles - the final evolution

By Brad Jones
About the Author

Paperback • 25x20.7cm • 144 pages • 259 colour and b&w pictures

ISBN: 978-1-787115-48-4

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Chapter Titles


• All 1971/1972 BSA and Triumph models described and pictured
• Detailed study of the 350cc DOHC Fury and Bandit twins
• Tells of fascinating prototype and development work, including the X-75 Hurricane
• Over 200 photos, 125 colour, and 50 previously unpublished
• BSA’s impressive 1971 competition successes fully documented
• A comprehensive look at the 50cc Ariel 3 trike
• Small Heath and Umberslade Halls infrastructure and functions explained
• BSA’s finances detailed from 1969 to 1973, including investment expenditure
• The re-organisation of personnel and operations in the USA
• Information largely sourced from original documentation and eye witnesses


A Veloce Classic Reprint.
A fresh appraisal of BSA and Triumph motorcycles designed for the 1971 model year, plus BSA’s revolutionary Ariel 3 moped, and the 750cc Triumph Hurricane that was originally planned as a BSA model.


Presented for the first time in one book, the new-for-1971 range of BSA and Triumph motorcycles, including the 350cc DOHC twins, the innovative Ariel 3 moped, projected D18 Bantam, and the X-75 Hurricane, are all detailed in depth, along with related promotional and racing activities. Photoshoots, the lavish series of brochures and ads that emanated from them, and projected and actual colour schemes, are also presented with great accuracy.
By delving into the archives of several historical institutions, a comprehensive account of the hitherto largely ignored massive infrastructure investment that took place at BSA’s Small Heath works during much of 1970 is revealed, along with its re-organised North American setup.
Also included is an equally fresh and detailed appraisal of BSA’s financial situation, from the dawn of the 1970s, until its oblivion in 1973.
Besides the many new revelations, this book contains an impressive collection of extremely rare factory photographs, many of which have never been published before, and thought to be the only copies in existence.

Additional Information

Period Covered: 1969-1973
Models Covered:
BSA E35R Fury (Prototype)
BSA E35SS Fury (Prototype)
BSA D18 Bantam (Prototype)
BSA B25FS Fleet Star (1971)
BSA B25SS Gold Star (1970-71)
BSA B25T Victor Trail (1970-71)
BSA B50SS Gold Star (1971-72)
BSA B50T Victor Trail (1971-72)
BSA B50MX Victor (1971-73)
BSA A65FS Firebird Scrambler (1971)
BSA A65T Thunderbolt  (1971-72)
BSA A65L Lightning (1971-72)
BSA A75R Rocket 3 (1971-72)
Triumph T35R Bandit (Prototype)
Triumph T35SS Bandit (Prototype)
Triumph T25SS Blazer SS (1970-71)
Triumph T25T Trail Blazer (1970-71)
Triumph T100R Daytona (1970-71)
Triumph T100C Trophy (1970-71)
Triumph TR6 Tiger (1971-72)
Triumph TR6C Trophy (1971-72)
Triumph T120R Bonneville (1971-72)
Triumph T150 Trident (1971-72)
Triumph TRX75 Hurricane (1972-73)
Until now, a very misreported period of BSA’s history that deserves to be recorded accurately
For the first time the 1971 BSA and Triumph models, racing achievements, promotion, prototypes, finance, politics, etc, appear in one book
Includes many very rare development photos, engine/frame numbers of 37 show or brochure bikes, and brochures, adverts, promotional items and extensive quotes


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