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October 16, 2019
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The Great British Rally: RAC to Rally GB - The Complete Story


The Great British Rally: RAC to Rally GB - The Complete Story

By Graham Robson & Martin Holmes
About the Author

Hardback • 25x25cm • 224 pages • 300 pictures

ISBN: 978-1-787113-68-8

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• A complete history of the RAC rally, which began in 1932 and became the UK’s most important motoring event
• Year-on-year reports of every event held, with analysis of tests, challenges, weather conditions, and motoring trends
• Unrivalled information of each event, the timing, the distances, and the special conditions involved
• The challenges posed by foot-and-mouth disease, snow-blocked roads, petrol rationing, and controversy surrounding rules and regulations
• Detailed results of every event, including winners and class winners
• Illustrated with hundreds of rare photographs
• Route maps, timetables and surveys of the yearly challenges
• Profiles and interviews of important personalities
• Descriptions of the cars, the speed tests, and the countryside visited
• That was then, this is now – expert analysis of the way the event has evolved


From the running of the 1932 RAC rally, mainly a social event, to the present day, when Rally GB is a high-speed endurance World Championship rally, this is the very first all-embracing history of an important part of British motorsport history. Descriptions of every event, opinions, results and images are brought together for the very first time.


This is the complete history of British international rally events, starting with the very first RAC rally of 1932, which included 1000 miles of road motoring, and when a mere three driving tests were needed to produce a result. By 1951 an international permit had been achieved, a speed element was included, and the ‘Rally of the Tests’ ran until 1960. From 1961, the event took on a number of high-speed, loose-surfaced Special Stages, the Scandinavian influence became clear, and the event took on a World Championship qualification in 1973. In that time, competing cars had progressed from having perhaps 50bhp to at least 300bhp, and even more high-tech machines with 500bhp and four-wheel-drive would follow.
By then the RAC Rally was – and remains, in its present form as Wales Rally GB – one of the three most important rallies in the world, every ‘works’ team makes sure that it is represented, and it has a very important image throughout the world. Major sponsors embraced the event from the 1960s – first The Sun and Daily Mirror, then Lombard, and Network Q, and finally the Welsh government – which in recent years has become a very high-profile showcase for the world’s most exciting cars. Few other British International events have such a long and distinguished record. The 75th running of this event takes place in 2019.
With year-by-year accounts of all events in the Rally’s history, copiously illustrated with period photographs, and covering the various challenges posed by such crises as foot and mouth disease, weather conditions and controversy over rules and regulations, this book is the definitive guide.

Additional Information

Period Covered: 1932 to present day (excl. 1940-50, WW2)
In 2019, the 75th running of this famous International event will take place. Starting modestly in 1932, it became a major International rally in 1951, and has prospered ever since. This is the first book to cover complete history of this event.
Before now, there is, nor ever has been, a complete history of the RAC rally, and its descendants. It is a complete chronicle of the development of this enormously important event.
The complete history includes rare illustrations, route maps, detailed year-on-year results, and personal memories of the year event.


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