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November 14, 2019
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Performance tuning & modification
Performance tuning & modification  
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Optimising Car Performance Modifications - Simple methods of measuring engine, suspension, brakes and aerodynamic performance ga

Optimising Car Performance Modifications - Simple methods of measuring engine, suspension, brakes and aerodynamic performance ga

By Julian Edgar
About the Author

Paperback • 25x20.7cm • 80 pages • 83 pictures

ISBN: 978-1-787113-18-3

£ 14.99 Postage + P&P (eBook prices vary, and delivery is free)

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• Brilliant low-cost testing techniques remove the guesswork of performance modification
• Assess the outcomes of any performance modifications, measured on the road where it matters
• Accurately plot the shape of engine power and torque curves just from on-road testing
• Flow-test intake systems – measure the restriction of air filters, throttle bodies and intake snorkels
• Flow-test exhaust systems – measure the restriction of mufflers, cat converters and particulate filters
• Test car aerodynamics, including measuring on-road downforce or lift
• Test the airflow through oil coolers, intercoolers and radiators
• Measure suspension behaviour using a smart phone and cheap app
• Low-cost testing techniques that save you money and show you on-road performance results
• Make performance modifications that fix the problems, not just empty your pocket


Modifying your car for increased performance? You need this book! It shows you how to easily measure on the road the gains and losses of changing air intakes, exhausts, cams and turbos. Also learn how to test suspension, brakes and car aerodynamics – accurately and at low cost.


This highly practical and useful book covers brilliant techniques that take the guesswork out of performance modification.
Using just some low-cost tools, you can easily measure the flow restriction of your car’s intake and exhaust. It’s like having a huge flow-bench always available. By making some simple on-road measurements, you can plot the shape of the engine’s power and torque curves – no dyno needed. This allows you to not only see if performance modifications to the engine are improving power, but also see where in the rev range those changes are occurring. Assess the worth of cams, a larger turbo, changed boost control or altered engine management mapping.
But the book doesn’t stop there – it also shows you how to measure your car’s aerodynamics, seeing if at speed your car is developing lift or downforce. Want to make a rear wing work well? Test the angle at which downforce is greatest. You can also test the aerodynamic airflow through oil coolers, intercoolers and radiators.
Interested in improving your suspension? By using a low-cost app and a smartphone, you can accurately measure suspension behaviour.
If you want a practical, hands-on book that will immediately save you money, show where modifications are most needed, and can be used to assess performance outcomes, this is the book for you.

Additional Information

Modifying cars is about achieving results. This book allows people to achieve better results by testing the effectiveness of their performance modifications, at low cost and on the road.
This book puts practical and effective performance measuring techniques into the hands of the home modifier.
• unique and effective measuring and testing techniques
• plenty of practical examples including modifications to intakes, exhausts, turbos and engines
• a straightforward and readable style


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