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May 22, 2019
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Austin Cars 1948 to 1990: A Pictorial History

Austin Cars 1948 to 1990: A Pictorial History

By David Rowe
About the Author

Paperback 21x14.8cm 112 pages 280 pictures

ISBN: 978-1-787112-19-3

£ 12.99 Postage + P&P (eBook prices vary, and delivery is free)

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Includes a history of each model
Model by model comparisons
Detailed technical information
Colour schemes listed
Standard and optional equipment details
Dashboard instrument layout diagrams
Production numbers and dates
Original prices
Special editions included
Full colour photographs


A full-colour comprehensive guide to all Austin cars built from 1948 until the end of production in the 1990s, with an informative history, detailed model-by-model comparisons and technical information.


Austin cars continued in production long after the other marques that formed BMC were discontinued, with only the MG name that was applied to some Rover models lasting beyond 2000.
Illustrated in full colour and with detailed information including colour schemes, optional equipment and technical specifications, this book provides a complete catalogue of the cars from 1948 onwards, including the Austin models built by the Rover group during the 1990s. This is the ultimate book for those interested in the Austin marque, which is so often only covered briefly in other publications.

Additional Information

Period Covered:

Models Covered:
A40 Dorset/Devon
A40 Somerset
A70 Hampshire
A70 Hereford
A40 Cambridge
A50 Cambridge
A55 Cambridge mk1
A90 Westminster
A105 Westminster
A95 Westminster
A105 Westminster
A40 Farina mark 1
A40 Farina mark 2
A55 Cambridge
A60 Cambridge
A99 Westminster
A110 Westminster
A110 Westminster 2
Austin 7 (Mini)
Austin Mini
Austin Mini mark 2
Mini Clubman
1100 mark 1
1100 mark 2/1300
1100/1300 mark 3
1800 mark 1
1800 mark 2
1800 mark 3
3 Litre
Maxi 1
Maxi 2
Allegro 1
Allegro 2
Allegro 3
18/22 series
Princess 1
Princess 2
Metro & Rover 100
Maestro (incl Rover)
Montego (incl Rover)

Models Not Covered:
pre 1948 models, Austin Healey sports cars, cars produced by coachbuilders and outside companies ie A125, A135, Taxi models


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