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November 19, 2019
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The Book of the Honda S2000

The Book of the Honda S2000

By Brian Long
About the Author

Hardback 25x20.7cm 172 pages 348 pictures

ISBN: 978-1-787112-14-8

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Definitive history of the Honda S2000.
Sales in all major markets covered in detail.
Written by a recognized author and historian.
Major racing exploits covered.
Written with the full co-operation of the factory.
Handy reference charts throughout.
Detailed production figures, including exports.
Written in Japan to ensure accuracy.
Contemporary photography to help owners with authenticity issues.
The author already has a title on the NSX.


The definitive history of the Honda S2000 series, from the SSM prototype displayed at the 1995 Tokyo Show, to the end of production over a decade later. The book covers all major markets and uses stunning contemporary photography gathered from all over the world to help owners establish authenticity, or simply enjoy the look of this stylish car.


Researched and written in Japan with the full co-operation of the factory, here in definitive detail is the story of the Honda S2000 - a series of open two-seaters that built on the success of the NSX, helping the company justify its on-track exploits with a proper line of sporting machinery.
Successful immediately, the S2000 models defended Honda's honour on the tracks, but it was in the showrooms where the S2000 excelled. After a major face-lift, it was eventually killed off in 2009, but is as popular today as it ever was as a modern classic for enthusiasts.

Additional Information

Period Covered: 1999-2009
Models Covered: All Honda S2000 variants, 1999 onwards.
Sister car to the NSX, the S2000 revived memories of Honda's earlier celebrated open two-seaters.
This book tells the full story of these celebrated models in a depth never before attempted.
Contemporary photography from around the world, virtually all in colour.


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