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June 18, 2019
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Edward Turner: The man behind the motorcycles

Edward Turner: The man behind the motorcycles

By Jeff Clew
About the Author

Paperback • 25x20.7cm • 160 pages • 140 colour and b&w pictures

ISBN: 978-1-787111-41-7

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Reprinted after a long absence! The deeply researched biography of the man who was probably the most important individual in the history of the British motorcycle industry. Designer of "The Best Motorcycle in the World". Records details of all the world famous motorcycles designed by Edward Turner.


Reprinted after a long absence! For the first time, the life of Edward Turner, one of Britain’s most talented motorcycle designers, is revealed in full – making this much more than just another book about Triumph motorcycles. Although seen by many as an irascible man who ran a very tight ship, it is an inescapable fact that his was a highly profitable company. His hugely successful sales campaign after World War 2 stunned American manufacturers, and had long-lasting repercussions on their own home market. As Bert Hopwood once said to the author, Turner was an inventive genius who had the flair for pleasing shapes, an uncanny ability to perceive what the buying public would readily accept, and to produce it at the right price. No one will deny the impact made at the annual Motor Cycle Show by his Ariel Square Four in 1931, his superbly-styled single cylinder Tiger models in 1936, and his revolutionary Speed Twin that dominated the Show in 1937. Even more was to follow with his post-war Thunderbird and Bonneville twins.

Independent Reviews

Turner’s story turns out to be as complex and as interesting as the times he lived and thrived in. Clew tells the story with clarity in his book that any motorcycle enthusiast—not least those who love classic British bikes—should have in their library.
Ultimate MotorCycling

This book, a reprint of the original title, is also a wonderful snapshot of the industry itself ... A pretty good read with some excellent photographs, many of which came from the Turner family’s albums.
Old Bike Australia

Additional Information

Period covered:
The life of Edward Turner (1901-1973).

Models covered:
Includes coverage of all Edward Turner’s motorcycle designs -
TURNER SPECIALS - 1927-1928: 348cc prototypes*
ARIEL - 1931-1932: 498cc 4F/31 Square Four. 1932: 498cc 4F Square Four. 1932-1936: 601cc 4F/600 Square Four. 1937-1948: 995cc 4G Square Four. 1939: 599cc 4F/600 Square Four. 1963-1965: 50cc Pixie
TRIUMPH - 1937-1940: 249cc 2H. 1937-1940: 249cc Tiger 70. 1937-1940: 343cc 3S. 1937-1940: 343cc 3H. 1937-1940: 343cc Tiger 80. 1937-1939: 493cc 5H. 1937-1938: 493cc Tiger 90. 1937-1940: 598cc 6S. 1937-1958: 5T Speed Twin. 1938-1959: T100 Tiger 100. 1938: 343cc 3SC. 1939: 200cc prototype (to be marketed under the New Imperial name)*. 1939: 249cc 2HC. 1939: 343cc 3SH. 1939: 349cc 3TW (military). 1940: 349cc 3SW. 1940: 343cc 3HW (military). 1946: 350cc 3TU (utility prototype)*. 1948 on: 499cc TRW (military). 1948-1950: 499cc Grand Prix (road racer). 1949-1954: 499cc TR5 Trophy Twin. 1949-1966: 649cc 6T Thunderbird. 1953-1956: 149cc T15 Terrier. 1953: 499cc T100C. 1953-1961: 649cc T110. 1954-1968: 199cc T20 Tiger Cub. 1955-1962: 649cc TR6 Trophy. 1957-1966: 349cc. Twenty-one/3TA. 1957: 499cc TR5AD (US market). 1958: 199cc T20/J Tiger Cub (restricted ouput model for US market). 1958-1966: 490cc 5TA. 1959-1961: 490cc T100A. 1958-1964: 172cc TS1 automatic scooter. 1958-1973: T120 Bonneville. 1958-1964: 249cc Tigress scooter. c.1960: 649cc TR6A Bonneville (US modified). c.1960: 649cc TR6B Bonneville scrambler (US modified). 1961-1970: 490cc TIOO SS. 1962-1965: 99cc Tina automatic scooter. 1962: The Tina truck prototype*. 1962-1970: 649cc TR6 SS. 1965-1970: T10 automatic scooter. c1970: 350cc Bandit (dohc prototype)*. (*projects subsequently abandoned)


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