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July 20, 2019
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The Last Real Austins - 1946-1959

The Last Real Austins - 1946-1959

By Colin Peck
About the Author

Paperback • 19x20.5cm • 96 pages • 89 colour and b&w pictures

ISBN: 978-1-787111-12-7

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This book examines how Austin bounced back after WWII, and how, despite the severe materials shortage, it developed the largest range of vehicles produced by any automaker in postwar Britain. It examines how these vehicles were received and used, and is illustrated with rare archive photography. A Veloce Classic Reprint.


The Last Real Austins chronicles how Austin overcame the tough austerity period immediately after WWII and went on to design a comprehensive range of cars, sports cars, limousines, taxicabs, off-roaders, military vehicles, vans and trucks, that has never been equalled by any single manufacturer.
In the immediate post-war years its modern and innovative range of cars, trucks and vans were forced to take on world markets as a result of the British Government’s “Export or die” mandate to help pay off massive war debts. At its peak, Austin was required to export 75% of production, resulting in long waiting lists for new vehicles on the home market. As a result, many of its impressive range of modern vehicles were to find customers in the four corners of the world, helping to establish Austin as one of the world’s best known automakers at the time. This book chronicles each model and focuses on how and where it was used and received, and is illustrated with rare archive material and stunning colour photography, which will be appreciated by enthusiasts and restorers alike.

Additional Information

Period covered:

Models covered:
Austin Tilly wartime truck
Austin 8,10,12 and 16
A30 and A35
A40 Devon and Dorset
A40 Somerset
A40 Sports
A40 Tourer
A40 Cambridge
A50 Cambridge
A55 Cambridge
A70 Hampshire
A70 Hereford
A90 Atlantic
A90 Westminster
A95 Westminster
A125 Sheerline
A135 Princess
Austin Champ
Austin Gipsy
Austin Healey
Austin Healey Sprite
Austin Leader
Austin FX3 and FX4 taxicabs

A40 Farina
A55 Farina Cambridge
A99 Farina Westminster

A35 trucks and vans
A40 trucks and vans
A70 trucks
K8 trucks and vans
J2 trucks and vans
FX3 trucks and vans
Assorted ambulances, fire trucks and hearses


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