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August 22, 2019
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Triumph Speed Twin & Thunderbird Bible

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Triumph Speed Twin & Thunderbird Bible

By Harry Woolridge
About the Author

V4982 • 25x20.7cm • 144 pages • 150 colour and b&w pictures

ISBN: 978-1-845849-82-5

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• Year-on-year model development history
• Lists engine and frame numbers
• Model type identification
• Colour schemes
• Technical specifications of every model
• International sporting achievements
• Factory photos showing authentic, original details
• From an author who spent 30 years at Triumph’s Meriden factory


The Triumph Speed Twin & Thunderbird Bible reveals the definitive history of two of Triumph’s most popular motorcycles in the 40s and 50s. From development history to sporting achievements, this book is packed with detailed information – everything an owner or would-be owner of one these classic twins needs!


The Triumph Speed Twin & Thunderbird Bible show the definitive history of Triumph’s hugely popular Speed Twin and Thunderbird models. Much more than a simple history, this book is the ultimate single source of detailed information on these two classic Triumph twins – ideal for owners and would-be owners alike.
This ‘Bible’ contains a wealth of information, and covers the models’ year-on-year development history from 1938-1966, engine and frame numbers, model type identification guide, colour schemes, complete technical specifications of every model, and details of international sporting achievements attained on these classic machines. In addition, factory photographs show each model in authentic, original detail.

Independent Reviews

…this book [is] THE essential reference for all owners and enthusiasts.
Nacelle, 2016

Review from Nacelle magazine, January 2005

This is a reprint and updating of his Speed Twin book, but this time it carries on by describing the factory's response from it's American customers for more power by increasing the 5T engine's capacity to 650ce and thereby creating the 6T Thunderbird. Harry then gives a year-by-year breakdown of the 6T model's details, some of which were previously unobtainable, up until it bows out in favour of the TR6 Trophy in 1966.

Photographs there are, in plenty of both models, and as the book is a large, glossy-paged hardcover this time the photos are of better quality, some being also in colour. That famous photo of the Met Police on their Speed Twins passing the rostrum on which the Royal Family are sat during the 1946 Victory Parade is in colour, the first time I have seen it as such, though it does have the look of being hand tinted. All this is interspersed with anecdotes of speed and reliability tests carried out by the factory, along with competition successes, and there are reprints of road tests and pages from various brochures, not to mention details of carburettor spec's for both models, a page of gear ratios from 1938 to 1966, lists of show models, colour charts and so on.

The book is a worthy addition to the TOMCC Member's personal library, making a good read for its historical value even if you don't own either of the two models.

Review by Jeff Clew from Real Classic, November 2004
UK magazine

Jeff Clew used to commission motorcycle books for a living, and he's written more than his fair share of the things, too. So when he recommends this new Triumph bible, you can take him at his word ...

The mass of information contained within the 144 pages of this book is well laid out and easy to follow, with many good quality instructions and some nostalgic full-colour copies of Triumph catalogues. Also included is a brief history of Edward Turner's revolutionary Speed Twin, and an account of the launch of the Thunderbird in September 1949.

I had the privilege of commissioning Harry's earlier work on the Speed Twin, published some 15 years ago, and I can confirm that this greatly enlarged edition is much more than an update. Not only is it now in larger format but also better presented on good quality paper, with the added benefit of the inclusion of similar detail on the Thunderbird model, and a bonus from the addition of colour.

To anyone owning either of these models, I see it as an essential purchase, especially when no effort is spared while rebuilding either model as closely as possible to its original specification. Owners will also find it an invaluable source of reference over the years, to be consulted again and again.


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