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October 23, 2019
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Car-tastrophes – 80 Automotive Atrocities from the past 20 years

Car-tastrophes – 80 Automotive Atrocities from the past 20 years

By Honest John and George Fowler
About the Author

V4933 • 15x19.8cm • 168 pages • 165 pictures

ISBN: 978-1-845849-33-7

£ 9.99 Postage + P&P (eBook prices vary, and delivery is free)

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• The funniest book about cars ever written
• Provokes controversy and argument
• Debunks arrogance
• Ridicules the ridiculous
• Scandalises the smug
• Emphasises the idiotic
• Hilariously critical
• Outrages enthusiasts
• Embarrasses the ignorant
• Makes an excellent present!


Lowdown on Miserable Motors from Honest John, the Daily Telegraph's Motoring Agony Uncle & George Fowler, the Daily Star's Motormouth.

Automakers are as prone to turn out clunkers as politicians are to lie. Their cars may be ugly, misconceived, badly built, diabolical to drive, ridiculously thirsty, or just plain unreliable. So which were the worst of the past 20 years?


Having spent the last 20-odd years driving different cars on a weekly basis, often twice a week, George Fowler is more qualified than most to hold an opinion that counts. A reader of his Motormouth column once asked him what he thought about a car he'd praised, and added: "I know you get paid by the manufacturers to say nice things, so I just wondered what you really thought."
That week, a furious Fowler absolutely slaughtered the then new Nissan Primera, and added at the end of his column: "How much do you think Nissan paid me for that, Mr Smith of Preston?" He didn't get a reply.
If your car is, or was, remotely good then you won't find it in this book.
On the other hand, if it's here, don't expect any sympathy.

Independent Reviews

It’s sure to spark arguments well into 2017.
The Daily Mail

… this book should raise more smiles than your average seasonal TV special.
Classic Car Weekly

Both Honest John and George ‘Motormouth’ Fowler explain their rationale with a great deal of humour and their usual flair.

Additional Information

Give people something to talk and argue about! The interest shown by people who are aware of this book has been phenomenal. They are desperate to find out if their car gets a kicking. Sorry, a mention.

Up-to-date cars, including 2016. Previous books were about old models.
"What is the worst car you have ever driven" has become a more poular question than "what is the best." Amazing

A lot of original, and funny, photographs.


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