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August 22, 2019
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Vincent Motorcycles -The Untold Story since 1946

Vincent Motorcycles -The Untold Story since 1946

By Philippe Guyony
About the Author

• Hardback • 24.8x24.8cm • 400 pages • 875 colour and b&w pictures

ISBN: 978-1-845849-02-3

£ 100.00 Postage + P&P (eBook prices vary, and delivery is free)

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• Understand how the Vincent 998cc V-twin became a ‘living legend’
• Discusses why and how the brand declined intor bankruptcy, despite engineering excellence
• Read how and why the 1000 Vincent inspired – and continues ot inspire – generations of mechanics and engineers
• Explains why the 1000 Vincent gave birth to so many specials over a 70 year period
• See how Fritz Egli tranformed the Vincent, and his effect on the Japanese motorcycle industry
• Unravels the imbroglio of the Egli-Vincent production model and replicas over a 45 year period: the most copied bike ever
• Reveals why the design is still capable and competitive today, on track and on the road
• Discover the Vincent racers that proudly and successfully stood-up to modern motorcycles until the late 1970s
• Presents a comprehensive view of Vincent derivatives up to the present day, including café racers, choppers, and bobbers
• Considers the future of Vincent


The story of the first superbike

Despite only nine years of production, Vincents continued to be ridden regularly in rallies, hard in racing, and certainly well beyond the normal lifespan of a motorcycle. This book tells the Vincent story from 1946 until the present day, including the stories of those significant individuals who helped to make Vincents such legendary machines.


Very few motorcycles have carved a mark in history like the Vincent V-twin, from its arrival in 1946 and up to the present day. On the road, in club racing, in drag races, or competing for land speed records, it dominated the motorcycle world, leading to the famous catchphrase coined by the factory: “The World’s Fastest Standard Motorcycle.” It was a FACT – NOT a slogan. Images such as that of Rollie Free, in swimming trunks, laying flat on his works-modified Black Shadow and taking the American motorcycle land speed record at Bonneville in 1948, have now passed into posterity. In fact, the big Vincent was so ahead of its time, that it continued to compete successfully – almost arrogantly – in racing until the mid-1970s, against modern bikes. No other motorcycle in the world can claim this kind of achievement.
Following the premature ending of Vincent production, Fritz Egli’s 1967 Egli-Vincent was the first chassis completely redesigned for a Vincent in 21 years. Egli’s machine inspired numerous builders for several generations and this book traces, holistically, the story of all those motorcycles in the broad context of the classic and modern history of the Vincent.
Understand how the flame of passion still burns brightly today.

Independent Reviews

This is a beautiful book to treasure…
South East Biker Magazine

Like the Vincent motorcycle itself, Philippe Guyony’s book “Vincent Motorcycles: the Untold Story since 1946” is a singular achievement.

It is a mine of information about the marque that stands alone in the annals of the great British motorcycle story ... well done Philippe, you have done the mythical Vincent proud.
The Road

Extremely comprehensive and well-presented.
Old Bike Australia

Our friends at Veloce have really given us a big one this time, Big in all ways, size 248mm x 248 mm and a weight to match, 400 pages and 875 pictures with a price to match but where it differs from so many impressive books is that it is written by someone who knows his subject and is a fund of information you will ever keep referring to.
Motor Cycling Club

Put simply, books such as this could put television out of business, at least as far as Vincent lovers are concerned. Veloce's price is £100, and it's worth every penny. And if there's a Vincent owner in your life, you simply can't go wrong with presenting this book as a gift.

A mammoth book which should satisfy even the most well-informed enthusiast.
Real Classic

Additional Information

The 1000 Vincent was the first superbike, capable of out performing any other motorcycle for around 20 years after it went out of production. Even today, a well-prepared machine can still challenge modern bikes on the racetrack.


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