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November 19, 2019
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How to build your own engine coffee table

How to build your own engine coffee table

By Gergely Bajzáth
About the Author

27x21.5cm • 48 pages • 134 pictures

ISBN: 978-1-845848-84-2

£ 9.99 Postage + P&P (eBook prices vary, and delivery is free)

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• Very possibly the first book on engine tables ever published
• Helps you choose the best engine, paint and glasswork
• Shows options for different finishes
• Explains the best practices to make your work better, lighter, and safe
• No professional skills required
• Covers practice and methods to make working easier and more professional
• Work can be carried out with DIY tools – no special tools required
• A great future for end-of-life car parts
• Create a true talking point for any meeting or home.


An engine coffee table is cool. An engine coffee table you make yourself is fantastic!
An engine coffee table – the very thing every petrolhead needs for their home.
They make great talking points, and are surely one of the most useful ways to recycle an old engine. This book gives you the best advice for building your own table, with photos, clear instructions, and concise descriptions of the work required.


Gergely Bajzáth has made a good number of engine coffee tables, and constantly enjoys positive feedback and comments about his work. Now, in ‘How to Build your own Engine Coffee Table’, he has decided to share his methods and tips with you, so that you can make one of your very own!
Whether in your living room, workshop, den, man cave, or girl shed, an engine coffee table is a great talking point, and is almost guaranteed to become the main topic of conversation when friends visit.
This book shows you everything you need to know to create your very own furniture centrepiece. From the best choice of engine base, to instructions on design and fabrication for appearance and safety. Hand painted finishes are covered, and a dedicated section shows how to safely plan, prepare, and fit a glass top for a serviceable, and safe, end result.
You’ll know that you want one of these tables as soon as you see the examples in the book!

Independent Reviews

Let’s face it making an old engine block into a coffee table is pretty cool. If you have the space and don’t keep bashing your shins on such a thing, it’ll become the focal point of your room. When your friends come round there’s only one thing they are going to be talking about, for sure.
The author is a dab-hand at making these and also crankshaft side tables - and shows you the secret to producing a killer coffee table.
It’s not going to win the Booker prize for literature but for a penny under a tenner it’s a hoot.
Total Kit Car

You might think it a bit naff, a bit Top Gear, but there’s a certain blokey (sorry ladies ... ) appeal to the good old man-cave engine furniture - and this book does exactly as promised, describing how to build it. It’s basic in every sense: the layout, the language, the size of the text, the price - but also the simplicity of the instructions, and for that it has to be applauded. If you harbour a guilty lust for big bores under glass, this could be for you.

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a coffee table like this and being able to tell your mates that you built it yourself, then surely Gergely’s book is a must-buy.
Project Shop TV

There comes a time when an engine is beyond a rebuild. Usually when there's a conrod through the block. How better to commemorate this feat than to immortalise this expensive folly by using it as the basis of a coffee table? It'll provide some interesting context for when the bailiffs turn up for some tea and not very much sympathy when the credit card bounces on the replacement engine. We can't help but feel slightly depressed turning the pages, but a dead engine is a dead engine, so why not put it to use in the living room?
Modern Classics

…a fun read, a fun idea, and if you fancy 'upcycling' some of your garage rubbish, this is a good place to start.
American Car Magazine

If you want to build your own engine coffee table then this is the book for you. Tips for different engines and sizes, it is the comprehensive guide to your living room ice-breaker.

Practical Classics

If you really want to build your own engine coffee table, there’s nothing else quite like this book on the market. It’s a great guide, with clear instructions through the whole process, starting with choosing the right engine. If you’re a bit lazier, head to and buy a pre-made unit directly from the author, Gergely Bajzath.

Auto Express

Very well written with clear and easy to follow instructions and numerous photographs to both guide and inspire you… would make the perfect present for any petrolhead (or to yourself! Go on, you deserve it)
Air Monkeys magazine


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