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February 20, 2018
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Making a Morgan


Making a Morgan
17 days of craftmanship: step-by-step from specification sheet to finished car

By Andreas Hensing
About the Author

28.5 x 24cm • 160 pages • 380 pictures

ISBN: 978-1-845848-73-6

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• An incredible journey beginning in the Chassis Shop of the factory
• 17 days from specification sheet to finished car
• Every detail of the build recorded in words and pictures
• Meet Morgan’s craftsmen and apprentices
• Discover how generations of the same families have built Morgans
• Be amazed at age-old techniques used to shape wooden frames
• See the skill in traditional panel beating and rolling
• Understand what makes Morgans and the Morgan factory so special


Morgan’s way of producing cars is unique. In this day and age, the company still makes use of real craftsmanship in every aspect of building its characterful cars, and every Morgan can be made to a bespoke specification to suit the individual customer’s wishes.
In Making a Morgan, the reader accompanies a very traditional model, a Morgan Plus 4, through every step of its build, from customer specification sheet to finished car – a process that, in this instance, takes 17 days.
During their stay in Malvern, the authors spent every day at the Pickersleigh Road factory and, in doing so, established a real rapport with the the Morgan craftsmen and craftswomen. A rapport that allows this book to present a truly intimate portrait of the individuals who so proudly build Morgans, and the painstaking way they go about their work.
Featuring some 380 images, including a range of archive photos from the Morgan factory, this is a rare overview of a unique, and very British, manufacturing tradition.
Never before in over 100 years of rich history has the Morgan production process been documented in such detail.


In ‘Making a Morgan’ the reader accompanies a very traditional model, a Morgan Plus 4, through it’s build from customer’s specification sheet to finished car. A process that, in this instance, will take 17 days.
All Morgans can be bespoke, and the unique thing about ‘our’ car is that it will be built with a narrow frame front end that properly belongs to a 4/4 model. Invisible, except to Morgan cognoscenti, this non-standard front end means that the distance between the headlamps and the radiator grille is somewhat less than on the standard Plus 4 models. Most likely, this customer prefers understatement, but on the other hand didn’t hold back when specifying the car’s equipment: sports model without spare wheel, a 2-litre engine, polished wire-spoke wheels, door pockets, full leather interior in red, map light, hood, sidescreens, tonneau cover in black mohair, front and rear overriders on the bumpers, sun visors, and a radio with CD player.
Oh, yes, before we forget, this car will be painted in the very traditional, dark, Irish Green paint, code L4069. Why there should be so many green Morgans is a mystery to us; after all, customers can choose from a palette of around 40,000 colours!
Although the car will be delivered to a London Morgan dealership, what we have here is a model with left-hand drive steering. Most likely, the customer lives on the Continent. He, or she, doesn’t know that a book is being written about their Morgan but, of course, the authors will see to it that the car’s new owner gets an autographed copy of the book.

Independent Reviews

A lovely book.
Car Art Sport

If you own a Morgan, you definitely need this book. Yet, this is a rare overview of a unique, and very British, manufacturing tradition that any sports car enthusiast would appreciate. 

Norm Mort, Freelance reviewer

… it paints a colourful background, and by attaching personal info to each of the production crew, brings a sense of family and tradition ... top quality.

Auto Express

… fascinating ... Read this, then take a factory tour to see it for yourself.

Classic & Sports Car (UK)

If you are a Morgan enthusiast you will need no further bidding to purchase your own copy [of this book]. Potential purchasers of Morgans will use this book to justify its purchase in a cynical age where so many people know the price of everything and the value of nothing. Meanwhile those who simply respect and wish to encourage those so nearly lost skills of handmade craftsmanship and care will find the purchase price of £40 well worth investing in as an homage to a highly skilled and dedicated workforce. For the rest of us it's just a fascinating read and a compelling human story. 

Big End / All Torque

… this book is a delight from start to finish! 

Classic Driver

Everything about this book is remarkable.


Put your feet up and enjoy this Making a Morgan book this Christmas. Authors Andreas and Dagmar Hensing spend 17 days at the factory and capture every moment. From customer’s specification sheet to the finished car, it’s a great
MOG Magazine (Morgan)

A valuable snapshot of one moment at the Morgan works, and of the individuals who worked

This book will definitely become a collector's item, one of the must-have books on any Morgan owner's shelf. It perfectly fills this gap in Morgan literature and will be the re

Making a Morgan feels as down to earth as the cars themselves.
Classic Car Weekly

Probably the best testament to the Morgan you can find in book form ... driving isn’t just about selling cars to make money; it’s about the joy of driving. That’s what makes the Morgan – and this book – a work of art.


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