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August 22, 2019
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Porsche - The Racing 914s

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Porsche - The Racing 914s
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By Roy Smith
About the Author

24.8x24.8cm • 320 pages • 452 pictures

ISBN: 978-1-845848-59-0

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• The first comprehensive study of the 914 Porsche in competition
• Covers the complete development of the factory GT cars
• Demonstrates the development of the 914 privateer cars
• Includes many constructor and driver details from interviews
• Brings new information, new images, and many surprises from behind the scenes
• Shows the true, little known performance of the 914
• Reveals the sheer volume of podium positions achieved
• Raises the awareness of a forgotten model, that was thought out-of-step with Porsche thinking
• Explores the myths, bad vibes, politics, and what might have been, had the car been properly developed
• Shows how the American racers truly made the 914 perform – well enough to be a championship winner!


This is a study about a remarkable little car that, on its appearance in 1969, was thought, at best, a mish-mash of ideas, and not a ‘proper’ Porsche. It’s also a story of the ‘little’ guys … the privateers and dealer teams that did most of the development that turned the 914 into great little racer.


There are those still today who see the Porsche 914 model as a ‘funny little car,’ compared to the immortal 911. Granted, in its day professional Rally drivers were not keen on the 914: they were nervous driving it at the limit. Yet the records show that 914s were driven to at least 41 class wins, and at least 71 positions on the other two steps of the podium in Regional, National, and International Rallies.
Racing on the circuits of Europe, 914s came home first in their class, and even took overall victory many times. In the USA, in IMSA GTU championship, in nationals, and internationals, it was the same story – and that’s not counting the multitude of SCCA regional races. The 914 first raced in 1970 … the last? Who knows: even now they’re still used in the USA’s SCCA GT classes.
This is a study in pictures, statistics, factory information, and interviews, that will show the Porsche 914 in a whole new light.

Independent Reviews

It’s a big, solid, hardback with some gorgeous photography of little-seen competition cars from the big and small teams. There are plenty of interviews and detailed results. A lovely book for any 914 fan.
All Torque magazine

‘Porsche – the Racing 914s’ is a study in pictures, statistics, factory information, and interviews, that will show the Porsche 914 in a whole new light.
Press-Filmbüro Steinmill-Hommel

“Be prepared to be surprised,” Smith says in the Introduction — but you don’t have to take only his word for it

It is one of those books which you want to keep dipping back into and is a must for any Porsche enthusiast, whether you’re a 914 owner or just a fan of the marque.
Classic Porsche

The book is a solid piece of work, with a rich racing history.

Nicely produced, handsomely illustrated (with the odd 911 shot creeping in, obviously) and propped up by a comprehensive results appendix, this is a thorough overview of perhaps the most overlooked of all Porsche racers - a fact reflected by a limited-edition print run of just 1500 copies.
Motor Sport

If you are interested in the GT racing sport, you should definitely have fun with this well-made book.

Over 320 pages the author paints a picture of a little car that actually could win, and became recognized for its handling and reliability on the track despite initial reservations. Filled with photographs from the period, time sheets, and records, it’s great to see a well written and researched book about the 914. Today, there are few worthy books on the 914, and even less about the model’s racing history.

If you are a Porsche enthusiast, and you are looking for a good read to while away those dull, cold winter nights, this book could be just what you are looking for. But be warned, this book only has a print run of 1500 copies, so make sure you get yours, it will surprise you on many levels.
Glen Smale

Whilst Smith’s book naturally concentrates on the circuit racing achievements of the VW Porsche, he delves into the theory behind midengined cars before taking a really in-depth look at the car’s racing history both in Europe and America. Taking the racing story up to date, covering the various cars used in historic racing and the personalities involved.
Rallying is not forgotten - in rallying’s own chapter, the author details the ‘ideal’ build requirements for a planned 1970 rally debut, postponed until the following year. The original wish-list details all of the proposed lightened panels and various ideal modifications - it makes for fascinating reading.
Old Stager

A stunning book on the - still an inferiority complex leading - VW-Porsche 914 ... Be quick, because the edition is limited to 1,500 copies.
Klassiek & Techniek

Roy Smith tells you all need to know about the Porsche 914 in a way you can’t stop reading ... Porsche – the racing 914s is a book that should be in any Porsche or race library.
Liebe su Ihm (love for Porsche)

Its scope is hugely impressive, from circuit racing to rallying and even a section listing period race records.
Classic & Sports Car

You probably think you know your Porsche history inside out. You won’t until you read this book. Superb.
Classic Cars.

Excellent and limited to just 1500 copies.
Total Kit Car

Additional Information

The Porsche 914 is a forgotten gem, its racing exploits lost in the mist of time: this work explains all.

The first time a complete work has been dedicated to the racing exploits of the Porsche 914.

The book includes much previously unpublished factory information and photographs, and describes all the detailed body and chassis changes from prototype, and from race to race. Including new and previously unpublished information, the author’s access to the archives of Porsche, in Stuttgart, has enabled him to study all the available in house memos and commands from the time. These details expose the ideas, the rifts, the mistakes – and the successes. Also included are detailed interviews from those involved at the time – both in Europe and the USA, Porsches biggest market and where much of the racing took place, and where some of the biggest names in American motor racing cut their teeth on the 914 model. Little known details about the true capabilities of the four-cylinder model, as opposed to the more popular six-cylinder, are described, along with detailed specifications for the race and rally cars. Concludes with a huge record of racing statistics, including not just the factory cars in the early years, but most of the privateers races too. For this is, above all, a book for the many ‘little guys,’ telling the stories of the non-factory teams in National and International races in Europe, and in IMSA in the USA.


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