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November 19, 2019
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TRIUMPH TR - TR2 to 6: The last of the traditional sports cars

TRIUMPH TR - TR2 to 6: The last of the traditional sports cars

About the Author

25x25cm • 160 pages • 295 pictures


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• A concise history of all the classic Triumph TRs, from TR2 to TR6
• Contains full production numbers and details of all models' specifications
• Many archive illustrations, some in colour, drawn from contemporary sources
• Includes specially taken photographs of pristine examples of the cars covered
• Takes the reader chronologically through TR production, from 1952 to 1976
• Covers Triumph's successes in competitions over the years
• Includes comparison tables with the TRs contemporary rivals
• Contains colour extracts from original Triumph sales brochures
• The background to Triumph's TR, and why it filled a gap in the market, is covered
• Reveals how modern legislation put an end to classic TR production


The Triumph TR range has earned its place among the most popular sports cars of all time, with enthusiasts and owners on both sides of the Atlantic. The cars covered here range from the original, basic, four-cylinder TR2 of 1953, to the hairy-chested six-cylinder TR6 that finally bowed out of production in 1975, replaced by the unloved TR7.


The Triumph TR range is amongst the most popular of classic British sports cars on both sides of the Atlantic. “TRIUMPH TR - TR2 to 6: The last of the traditional sports cars”, as the title suggests, covers the cars from the basic four-cylinder TR2 introduced in 1953 to the hairy-chested six-cylinder TR6 that finally bowed out of production in 1975, to be replaced by the unloved TR7.
The previous edition of this popular book was well received, and had the following five star review published on
“You can't go wrong buying a book from this author. I admit, I am a junkie for little British car books and this guy is up there with the other experts like Terry Horler on MG Midgets and Clausager on MGB's and Austin Healeys. Bill Piggott also has a book out on big Healeys ... A lot about Triumph TR and it's racing heritage is covered in this book and more pages devoted to the early TR's (2 and 3) than the six. Still, a very good read with lots of pictures ... from early dealer brochures to rally shots from across the pond. If you own a TR, you will want this book.” (Written by Dennis Silance)

Independent Reviews

[An] excellent reference 160 page hardback ... Warning: Even if you do not own one right now you might very well end up wanting on having read these trusty volumes.
Big End / All Torque

Well produced and put together, this book from Veloce’s Classic Reprint Series would certainly make a nice addition to a Triumph aficionado’s library.

There is plenty to satisfy the anorak and race/rally enthusiast alike in terms of facts and figures, while ... copiously illustrated.
Retro Speed

… a useful guide containing plenty of information.
Classic & Sports Car

Starting with Buttercup and the TRX of the early post-war years, [this book] mixes the chronological history with specifications, period reviews and more, including period and studio photos to create one very comprehensive package on the separate-chassis TRs.
Triumph World

Additional Information

Over a quarter of a million TRs were sold, and around 60,000 of these still exist, cherished by their owners.

The most concise, yet full history of the cars produced so far.

The book contains loads of period archive photographs, many not previously published, including some rare 1950-60s colour material.


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