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June 27, 2019
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N.A.R.T. – A concise history of the North American Racing Team 1957 to 1983

N.A.R.T. – A concise history of the North American Racing Team 1957 to 1983

By Terry O’Neil
About the Author

24.8x24.8cm • 256 pages • 295 pictures

ISBN: 978-1-845847-87-6

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• Describes Luigi Chinetti’s achievements prior to the formation of NART
• Chinetti’s unique relationship with Enzo Ferrari
• The formation of the North American Racing Team
• An insight into how NART functioned
• Why and how NART was involved in Formula One
• The fall-out with the Le Mans organisers and subsequent consequences
• The question of who drove the NART car to victory at Le Mans
• Examples of vehicle purchase documents from Ferrari
• Reveals the payments made to drivers for their services
• Includes details of NART entries to races in America and Europe


Luigi Chinetti’s association with Ferrari, and the origins, formation and racing history of NART (North American Racing Team). A complex organisation, inextricably linked to Luigi Chinetti Motors Inc, NART enjoyed success on the race tracks of the US and Europe for three decades – as well as financial difficulties and arguments with organisers – to rightly become a legend.


Most people with an interest in motor sport will be familiar with the acronym N.A.R.T., yet few people profess to know too much about the North American Racing Team.
Starting in the the second half of the 1950s, NART existed for three decades, during which it experienced successes on the tracks of America and Europe. It also suffered financial difficulties, and arguments with track organisers.
This book explains what NART was, how it was formed, and what it achieved over three decades of competition. It wasn’t just sports cars that were entered into races, NART entered Formula One cars and Formula Junior cars as well.
Never as financially stable as his rival team owners, Chinetti did deals with Ferrari to purchase the latest specification sports cars at the end of a season, in order to attract the best drivers to drive for NART. It was also an opportunity to lease the cars on a race-by-race basis, an arrangement that appealed to some of Chinetti’s clientele.
Whilst success on the track was significant, problems were never far away. Working on the cars with a limited number of staff, and not receiving spares from Ferrari on time, NART always appeared to be in a state of crisis.
No matter … despite the difficulties, the formula worked well for Luigi Chinetti, and the acronym N.A.R.T. has rightly become legendary.

Independent Reviews

Whether you are a Ferrari fan or just a motor racing enthusiast, this book is a must as it not only covers one of the most entertaining periods of motor racing, but it also concerns the achievements of one of the most notable private racing teams of the period.
Glen Smale

…well-researched, attractively presented and lavishly illustrated ... a worthy addition to the history of international sports car racing, and the personalities involved in an era which saw some of the most charismatic and evocative cars and races of all time.
BRDC Bulletin

[A] profusely illustrated and comprehensive account of the previously undocumented North American Racing Team's activities ... this book fills in many gaps for the students of mid-to late
20th century sportscar racing as well as being an entertaining read.

… if you have an interest in 50s through 70s Ferrari racing and always wondered what the role of NART was vis-à-vis the factory, this is a book you will want, and is essential for Ferrari enthusiasts and historians.
Veloce Today

Klassiek & Techniek

This is the sort of book that such a top team [as NART] deserves!
Classic Driver

… a story with long build-up and a sad decline, with the irascible Chinetti at the heart of it. O'Neil portrays his awkward balancing act of businessmand and passionate motor sport scion in a sympathetic light.
Classic Cars

From the die hard LeMans fan to the Ferrari enthusiast and racing addict, this book provides a good understanding of what it takes to race … a tribute to all the hard working and passionates people behind the scenes.

O’Neill’s well researched account of the wheeling and dealing necessary to keep a privately run race team in business makes interesting reading.
Auto Express

Overall if you have an interest in ‘50s through ‘70s Ferrari racing and always wondered what the role of NART was vis-à-vis the factory, this is a book you will want.

A book that any motorsport lover should have on their shelf, whether they love Ferrari or not.

An impressive reference.

O’NEIL HAS WRITTEN several well-received works on American road-racing history and this latest effort is typically well-written ... there is plenty to commend.

At last, a Ferrari book that looks at the legendary North American Racing Team and founder Luigi Chinetti’s long association with Maranello ... The pictures vividly capture this glorious era.
Classic & Sports Car (UK)

Additional Information

Covers the period 1956-1983 and Ferrari, OSCA - specifically:
FERRARI: 250 GT TdF 84 built, 1954-1959, 250 GT LWB/SWB 259 built, 1955-1962, 250 GT California 104 built 1957-1963, 250 GTO 40 built, 1962-64, 315 S 2 built 1957, 335 S 4 built 1957, 500TR/TRC 35 built 1956, 250 TR 33 built 1957-1961, 375 Indy 1 built 1957, 860 Monza 4 built 1956, Dino V-6 & V-8 15 built 1958-1967, 250/330/412 P 23 built 1963-1967, 250LM 32 built 1964-1965, 275 GTB/C 12 built 1965, Dino 206S @18 built 1966, 365 GTB4/C n/k built , 512S & 512M 26 built, 1970-1971, 312P 3 built 1971, 612 C-A 2 built 1968-1969 512 BB LM 29 built 1978-1982
OSCA: OSCA S-187 18 built 1956-1960, OSCA 1600 GT 56 built 1960-1963, OSCA Formula Junior 15 built 1959-1961


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