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August 20, 2019
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Motor Racing Heroes – The Stories of 100 Greats

Motor Racing Heroes – The Stories of 100 Greats

By Robert Newman
About the Author

21x14.8cm • £19.99 • 384 pages

ISBN: 978-1-845847-48-7

£ 19.99 Postage + P&P (eBook prices vary, and delivery is free)

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• Benoist, Williams, Wimille: French resistance fighters
• David Purley: tried to lift blazing car with bare hands
• Hallé Nice: the stripper who became a Granbd Prix driver
• Alberto Ascari: plunged into Monte Carlo harbour at 120 mph
• André Boillot: won the Targa Florio backwards
• Maria Teresa de Felippis: first woman F1 World Championship driver
• Ferenc Szisz: winner of the world first GP in 1906; his report
• Elizabeth Junek: heroine of the 1928 Targa Florio
• Michael Schumacher: won his first championship at 7 years old
• Archie Scott-Brown: the severely crippled race winner


The off-beat stories of 100 of the 20th century's most heroic racing drivers.

Covering the period from the first Grand Prix win in 1906, to Michael Schumacher’s 2006 retirement, this book is one man’s idea of the 20th century’s motor racing heroes.
The sport has attracted many men and women whose determination, raw courage, and skill at the wheel has driven them into that special, rarified atmosphere of heroism – this book tells the stories of 100 of these heroes.


Covering almost 100 years of motor racing history, humanity, not simple statistics, is revealed here as the true source of the subjects’ heroism. Take André Boillot; so tired at the end of the 1919 Targa Florio, he made a silly mistake, spinning his car backwards across the finish line – yet he still won. Or Grand Prix winners Robert Benoist, William Grover Williams and Jean-Pierre Wimille, all of whom became French resistance fighters during WWII. There’s David Purley’s valiant attempt at rescuing a trapped Roger Williamson by overturning Willamson’s blazing march with his bare hands during the 1973 Grand Prix of Holland. And Alessandro Zanardi, who lost both his legs in a CART accident, yet still came back to win races.
The lighter side of motor sport is also here, with Giannino Marzotto, who won the 1950 Mille Miglia wearing an immaculate double-breasted suit. Or Giovanni Bracco, who won the 1952 Mille Miglia as he swigged from a bottle of red wine!
There are so many heroes and heroines in this sport. This book is about 100 of them.

Independent Reviews

The writing method is not one of dry laborious figures and details, but a unique style that presents the subjects' curriculum vitae in an engaging way that holds the readers' attention. A liberal sprinkling of wit for good measure is a further adhesive quality, keeping the reader enthralled. Motor Racing Heroes is one of those books that you can delve in and out of as the whim takes you and opportunity allows.
Vintage Racecar/Vintage Roadcar

Newman started his career as a motoring journalist. He knows his subject and he knows how to write, and this well-written book is full of little-known slices of historical facts that make it an easy and fascinating read.
Historic Motor Racing News

Tales of heroism, mischief and bravery from the paddock, the bar-room and occasionally the battlefield.
Classic Cars

A fun read ... the author has an engaging writing style, and his enthusiasm shines through. What’s more, for all the usual suspects, there are a great many drivers whose starts perhaps don’t shine as greatly in 2014 as they once did ... We applaud this approach.

A very personal selection of heroes and heroines from the incredibly brave to the downright quirky ... Fascinating stories about 100 heroes and heroines, some of whom you will know and others you won't.
Triumph World

A fascinating journey with the many varied characters who raced, won and sadly often died as the sport changed so much over the years.
Club Lotus News

A great addition to any motorsport library, as the stories told about the 100 drivers are great to read and nice to know ... If you like to know some pleasant and nice-to-know stories about drivers that made the motorsport to what it is now, just don't hesitate to order it. I enjoyed the read, and I'm pretty sure you will too.
Liebe xu Ihm

Highly recommended
Grant Ford, Reviewer

LOOKING in depth at motorsport’s most celebrated characters, this book is made all the better by PR man Robert Newman’s experience rubbing shoulders with racing’s household names ... Fascinating.
Auto Express

Enjoyable ... the short spotlights succinctly highlight the most vivid characters.
Classic & Sports Car UK

Additional Information

Covering the period from 1906 to 2006, this book is about motor racing drivers – not cars.

Fascinating stories about 100 heroes and heroines, some of whom you will know and others you won't.


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