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August 22, 2019
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SCOOTER MANIA! - Recollections of the Isle of Man International Scooter Rally

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SCOOTER MANIA! - Recollections of the Isle of Man International Scooter Rally

By Steve Jackson
About the Author

25x20.7cm • 128 pages • 180 pictures

ISBN: 978-1-845846-48-0

£ 14.99 Postage + P&P (eBook prices vary, and delivery is free)

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• Year-by-year account of the Manx International Scooter Rally
• Ex-competitors and officials interviewed
• Exclusive images from the Manx Press pictures archive
• Content from Tourist Board press releases, programmes and Rally ephemera
• Origins of the Isle of man Scooter Club
• Research covered every column inch of the Manx Press on the subject
• Features Rally reports with results, standings and awards
• Created with the involvement of Works teams and officials, including Vespa and Lambretta
• Many images researched from private photographic archives
• Concise history of Scootering's longest running closed road event


A complete history of the event including competitor’s and organizer’s personal experiences, the controversies and difficulties experienced by the Rally Committee in what became a remarkable 20-year chapter in the history of Scootering Sport. Events included Endurance and Navigational trials, Hill Climbs, Scrambling, Gymkhana Competitions, Circuit and Closed Road Racing, Assembly Rallies and Sand Racing.


At last! A year-on-year account of the Isle of Man International Scooter Rally, the brainchild of WWI veteran-turned-politician, James Mylchreest Cain. Following a fact-finding mission to Dusseldorf, accompanied by Peter Agg from Lambretta, the second Rally went International for 1958, and was to grow in popularity throughout the 1960s, attracting competitors from countries as far and wide as Australia, USA, Rhodesia, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Czechoslovakia and India.
In addition to gymkhana and endurance events, closed-road and circuit racing attracted fast men such as Neville Frost, John and Norman Ronald, Ray Kemp, Andy Smith, and Norrie Kerr. In 1971, the then chairman of the Tourist Board, Bill Quayle, declared that the annual Scooterist week was “the most important cog in the mosaic of Manx tourism.” The author’s access to personal photographic archives, and Manx Press pictures, combined with period reports and interviews with competitors, builds a unique reconstruction of a hugely successful event on the scootering sporting calendar: an event that was to endure for 20 years and attract thousands of spectators.

Independent Reviews

An engrossing read.
Southampton Daily Echo

The IoM Scooter Rally was of its time, and cannot be repeated as it was. Now we have some means of celebrating it.
Classic Scooterist Scene

At last! A year-on-year account of the Isle of Man International Scooter Rally ... With all makes covered and gymkhana, concourse d’elegance and road racing events to read about, this makes for a great addition to the ever expanding scooter literature collection available today.
Jet Set

Definitely worth buying!

Will undoubtedly prove enthralling for many scooter enthusiasts, bringing back great memories for those involved and enlighten the rest of us who unfortunately missed out. Scooter Mania is a very good read and certainly worth the RRP.

Makes for interesting reading for any scooter owner, old or new.

Additional Information

A unique history detailing the biggest closed-road and competitive scootering event, which drew crowds and competitors from around the World.

In-depth coverage of the Rally and the organisation behind one of the most spectacular chapters in Manx automotive history.

Contains interviews with organisers and competitors, press and amateur photographs from multiple sources, and images from official programmes, entry cards and route maps.


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