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October 21, 2019
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Mercedes-Benz Trucks

Mercedes-Benz Trucks

By Colin Peck
About the Author

19.5x21cm • 128 pages • 153 pictures

ISBN: 978-1-845846-43-5

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• The most comprehensive book on the subject to date
• Includes details of the very latest truck models
• Examines all partnerships, acquisitions and alliances
• Covers all Mercedes-Benz truckmakers, worldwide
• Includes input from worldwide researchers
• Contains previously unpublished and rare photos
• Extensively researched information from Mercedes-Benz’s own archives
• Focusses on the biggest, ‘baddest,’ and most unusual trucks


Combining materials from Mercedes-Benz’s official archives, with information collected from professionals involved with the marque, this book provides a unique, never before told perspective on how the brand developed its products to provide transportation solutions across some of the most diverse operating conditions in the world.
With rare and previously unpublished photos of working trucks in action, this comprehensive book features historical information, explanations of model codes, and global models and variations, and shows some of the biggest, ‘baddest,’ and most unusual Mercedes-Benz trucks from around the globe.


Mercedes-Benz Trucks is not only is the first new book examining the history and development of Mercedes-Benz trucks in decades, but is also the first to examine the brand’s truck products and operations from a truly global perspective. Originally perceived as a European manufacturer, today, the company builds trucks in the four corners of the world – from the Americas and Australia, to China and Russia – and all of these entities and the products they build are explored here.
Historical information and material from Mercedes-Benz’s official archives is combined with original colour images of working trucks, including the very latest environmentally compliant models, to give the reader an in-depth picture of how the company has grown, both organically and by acquisition, to become the most dominant global truck maker.
Extensively researched, and encompassing information from operators, dealers, drivers, and individuals who have been involved with the marque, this unique book provides a never before seen perspective on how Mercedes-Benz developed its products to provide transportation solutions across some of the most diverse operating conditions in the world.

Independent Reviews

This attractive paperback provides a timely and very useful overview of the world’s biggest truck maker ... impressively illustrated with plenty of enthusiast photography ... A fine subject intelligently tackled.
Kieron Fennely, Freelance Reviewer

Remarkably comprehensive ... on the whole this is an impressively-put-together reference work.
* * * * *
Truck & Driver

It’s a great book and comes highly recommended.

Contained within the 128 pages of text and broad range of photographs from all over the world, is an excellent account of the history of the Daimler owned truck marque ... another thoroughly enjoyable book about one of the industry's thoroughbred brands.
Fleet Transport Magazine

Additional Information

Covers all Mercedes-Benz trucks, from the earliest to current.


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