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August 22, 2019
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Porsche 997 – 2004-2012

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Porsche 997 – 2004-2012
The Essential Companion

By Adrian Streather
About the Author

28x21cm • 704 pages • 1500 pictures

ISBN: 978-1-845846-20-6

£ 70.00 Postage + P&P (eBook prices vary, and delivery is free)

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• A complete historical review of the entire 997 series
• How to identify and authenticate a 997
• What to look for when purchasing
• How to service the 997
• Describes the engine, engine management and cooling systems
• Details transmission, running gear, traction enhancement, wheel and tyres
• Full explanation of all installed electronic systems
• How to troubleshoot and repair the 997
• How to improve engine performance, aerodynamics and handling
• A complete review of the 997 on the race track


Carrying on Adrian Streather’s tradition of exemplary Porsche 911 technical guides, this book contains everything a 997 owner needs to know, plus a lot more. From engines and transmissions to engine management software – no matter what model of 997, it’s all covered here.


This book on the Porsche 911 (997) is the fifth of six planned in The Essential Companion series, and the fourth with Veloce Publishing. It carries on the tradition established with Adrian Streather’s first Porsche 911 book on the 964 series, and contains everything a 997 owner needs to know, plus a lot more.
The 997 series was the first to be fitted with Japanese-manufactured transmissions; this then-new technology, and the transmission details, is explained in depth. All other new technology advancements installed into the first generation 997 are also described, along with details of all the advantages and improvements the 997 has over previous 911 series.
Every 2004 to 2012 model year version is described, along with the 3.6- and 3.8-litre engines, and the associated engine management software combinations for the many different national variants.
In other words, no matter where on the planet a 997 owner resides, their version of the car is covered in this book.

Independent Reviews

…it exudes practical advice ... whilst remaining thoroughly readable. Above it responds brilliantly to the natural curiosity of the Porsche owner and no one who has invested say £30 or £40,000 in a 997 should blanch at the cover price.
Kieron Fennelly

…it’s impossible to ignore the usefulness of this to anybody wanting to look after their car without paying dealer prices.
Auto Express

…this is the book every Porsche 997 owner should own.
Liebe zu Ihm (love for Porsche)

Worthy of a place on your (suitably reinforced) bookshelf.
GT Porsche

Additional Information

There are no other Porsche books in the world like this one. No need to ask questions online anymore.

If you own, or are looking to purchase, a Porsche 997 anywhere in the world this is the book you need.

Porsche manufacturing excellence exposed yet again.

Covers the period August 2003 to July 2009, and the 997 Carrera S, Carrera, Carrera 4, GT3, Turbo, and GT2. All body styles, limited editions, specials and all racing versions of the first generation 997 model range are included.


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