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August 22, 2019
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The Ducati Monster Bible

The Ducati Monster Bible
New Updated & Revised Edition!

By Ian Falloon
About the Author

25x20.7cm • 176 pages • 197 colour pictures

ISBN: 978-1-84584616-9

£ 35.00 Postage + P&P (eBook prices vary, and delivery is free)

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• Full description of development model by model
• Analysis of the Monster by each model year
• All Monsters covered, from 600 to 1100cc
• Unravels a myriad of different models and specification changes
• Complete appendices of technical specifications


Ducati Monster - less is more!

When Ducati released the Monster in 1993 it created a new niche market for the naked motorcycle that continues today. Continual advancement over the past 20 years has enhanced the Monster’s ‘less-is-more’ philosophy, and Ducati has created Monsters to suit everyone, from entry-level 400s and 600s to 1100cc superbikes. All Monsters share the naked style that showcases the engine and chassis, and provide superb handling suitable for cities or canyons.


When Ducati unleashed Galluzzi’s Monster at the Cologne Show at the end of 1992, few expected it to become Ducati’s most successful model. Dramatically styled, minimalist in stature, yet bristling with innovative engineering, the 900 Monster created a new niche market. A multi-faceted machine, the Monster bridged the gap between racetrack-oriented sports bikes and cruisers. Here was a naked motorcycle that was as much a performance machine as it was a cruiser.
The Monster’s radical styling has also been the inspiration for a large after-market industry, providing cosmetic and performance accessories, and with engine capacities ranging from 400 to 1200cc there really is a Monster for everyone.
This book provides a fascinating guide through the maze of Monsters produced over the past 21 years.

Independent Reviews

Author Ian Falloon is the acknowledged master of this type of books and Italian bikes in general and the first edition was brilliant excellent, so by definition so is this latest work with extra pages covering the last three years evolution is equally so ... The quality and size of this hardback is the same and typical of all Veloce publications providing a fascinating guide through the maze of Monsters produced over the past 21 years. If you own one you cannot afford not to have this book on the shelf as a reference work, or if you just want to see what the attraction is for these models, then it is a great general read.

A book specifically for the Monster series of Ducati does not exist in German so far and it is presumably not going to. After all, you can rely on [this] English-language work ... Detailed data boxes complete the textual information. The image quality is consistently good to very good.

Plenty of useful information and even stuff I didn't know ... As usual with Ian's books, this one's a must have.

Written by a genuine expert and published by Veloce who've taken this type of book and turned it into an art form, no Ducati enthusiast should be without this book on their shelves. As a reference book or a fascinating read, Ian Falloon ably describes as to why the Ducati Monster has become one of the world's most legendary bikes.
Motoring South West

Reviews for the previous edition:

A high quality hardback liberally spread with full colour factory Images of the various models accurately described, by bike historian and Ducati fan, Fallon.
The book retains the high quality look and feel of all In the series and Is easily read as general read, as well as being a reference work on the model.

In ‘The Ducati Monster Bible’, Ian Falloon details the entire story from the very beginning bringing us through every model, no matter how minor its differentiation from its siblings, to the current day and the new generation Monster 1100EVO which features the first 2-valve Ducati to deliver 100bhp straight from the factory gates.
If you have a Ducati Monster, want one or simply want to increase your knowledge of one of the most important Ducati models then ‘The Ducati Monster Bible’ is well worth a read.
Ducati News Today

Promising to unravel the plethora of different configurations of Ducati's most successful motorcycle - and with more than a dozen different engine sizes to choose from it will take some unravelling - the book covers all models of the Monster from its launch in 1993 right up to the latest incarnation, the 11 OOEvo, as well as the numerous special editions produced along the way.
Technical specs are given model by model, and year by year changes are given in minute detail, making this book no lightweight read.
British Dealer News

Additional Information

Since its release in 1993 the Monster has become the longest running and most successful of all modern Ducatis.

Contains full production figures for the Monster.

Includes a technical analysis of all variations.

Covers the period 1993-2011, and all 600, 620, 695, 696, 750, 796, 800 900, 1000, 1100 Monsters.


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