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July 17, 2018
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Which Oil? – Choosing the right oils & greases for your antique, vintage, veteran, classic or collector car

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Which Oil? eBook

Which Oil? – Choosing the right oils & greases for your antique, vintage, veteran, classic or collector car

By Richard Michell
About the Author

Paperback • 13.9x19.5cm • 128 Pages • 34 pictures

ISBN: 978-1-845843-65-6

£ 14.99 + P&P (eBook prices vary, and delivery is free)

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• Deals with a problem faced by every owner of an older car
• No comparable publication
• Author is experienced and completely independent
• Brings clarity to a topic where much confusion exists
• Covers all lubrication needs, not just engines
• Gives simple step-by-step techniques to choose correct, safe lubricants
• Includes a necessary mix of theoretical and practical information
• Devotes a chapter to answering the most commonly asked questions
• Applicable to all cars of all eras • Will help you avoid a potentially expensive wrong lubricant choice


This book gives classic car owners the information necessary to make an appropriate and safe choice of lubricants from the vast and sometimes overwhelming range available today.


If you own a classic car, you face the problem of choosing the appropriate lubricants to use in its engine, gear box, final drive and chassis. The original owner’s handbook, if you have one, is probably of limited use. The lubricants that it lists are probably no longer available, or not of the original performance or specification level. Even if you have some good information, you still have problems: are modern oils suitable? If yes, which ones? (Even within a single brand there may be five or six different oils sold for apparently the same purpose.) If no, then why not? What characteristics are unsuitable, and where do you turn to obtain an appropriate oil?
This book gives all owners the information that will allow them to understand the lubrication needs of their cars, and to relate those needs to modern lubricants. You will be able to make correct and safe choices, or to seek out appropriate specialised lubricants if necessary, using step-by-step instructions. Answers are also given to many of the most commonly-asked questions about suitable oils for classic cars.

Independent Reviews

'…Written in an interesting and accessible style… [Which Oil?] provides the necessary information for you to decide what modern grade of oil you should use in your classic American car, without putting its mechanical efficiency and reliability at risk.' - Classic American

'technical in places, it has to be, but it’s written in an understandable manner.' - Pre War Car

You might think this is an odd title but the fact is that a lot of us don't check the oil in our vehicles, no matter how much we love them, and certainly don't have a clue why one oil is
more suitable than another for a classic. If you own something a bit older than the norm, you may be faced Wllh having to choose an appropriate lubricant for the engine, gearbox or diff. Or perhaps even wisely, you might want to understand the differences between all of the grades and varieties on the shelves or as advertised. This little pocket-sized book wiU give you the knowledge to make the correct choices. and just might bring the best out in your car.' - Jaguar Magazine

'Here's an intriguing and informative little book from Veloce that helps you choose the right oil for your car arming you with all the information and understanding of lubrication demands.
'With the world of automotive oil changing rapidly this book brings you right up-to-date although you do need to have white-coated rocket scientist levels of understanding at times, but regardless of all that it's good value for money and the sort of book you pick-up for reference and casual knowledge gathering.' - tkc magazine

'A font of knowledge wedged into an A5-sized booklet. And it isn't just oil that is being explained here, either: automotive lubricants in general are covered for just about every imaginable area of your car.
Michell talks about grease consistency, boundary lubrication and shear stability indexes, and he also covers the unintelligible descriptions of oils the manufacturers stick on the labels. A useful little book.' - Track Driver

'very interesting for riders and restorers of old bikes ... The book helps you translate the needs of your older engine to modern oils and other lubrication products - what can you buy now that is going to work best .. An interesting read for anyone who likes old engines of any sort!' - VMX magazine


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