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October 21, 2019
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The Real Way Round - 1 year, 1 motorcycle, 1 man, 6 continents, 35 countries, 42,000 miles, 9 oil changes, 3 sets of tyres, and

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The Real Way Round - 1 year, 1 motorcycle, 1 man, 6 continents, 35 countries, 42,000 miles, 9 oil changes, 3 sets of tyres, and

By Jonathan Yates
About the Author

Hardback • 25x25cm • 224 pages • 692 colour pictures

ISBN: 978-1-845842-94-9

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• A practical guide to motorcycling round the world
• Nearly seven hundred stunning photographs
• Planning section so riders can prepare for a similar trip
• Simple cost-effective bike modifications
• Pictorial diary of the trip featuring all countries visited
• Details of the ups & downs and dangers encountered
• One man’s real experience – no back up teams, no spare bikes, no film crews
• One month riding through China (few have done this)
• Practical guidance on freighting the bike
• Details of cultural challenges experienced


This is a pictorial diary of a once-in-a-lifetime motorbike trip across 35 countries on a Yamaha Ténéré XT660, and a practical guide to motorcycling round the world – what to do first, what to plan for, and how to cope with the unexpected. Features stunning photography, details of bike modifications, route maps, points of interest, and practical guidance on freighting your bike.


This book captures one man’s real experience motorcycling around the globe – no back up teams, no spare bikes, no film crews. 42,000 miles through 35 countries, seeing amazing things, meeting fascinating people, experiencing different cultures and coping with extremely challenging conditions.
This book is not only proof anyone can do it, but also a guide as to how to do it. It is not a technical guide, but rather a broad-brush approach covering some of the key tasks needed to plan and complete a similar trip yourself. With almost seven hundred inspirational photos of stunning scenery and intense experiences, plus an informal, straightforward commentary, this is an eye-opening and practical account of biking around the world.

Independent Reviews

Good production values and a great deal of information ... If you’re planning a round the world trip I think this could be quite a useful read.
The Road

Libraries are full of reflective, overthought travelogues. If you prefer yours presented with all the cheer of a tall tale told in a pub and put together with the artistic élan of a family Christmas newsletter, you will strike gold with “The Real Way Round.”
No analysis here (“Kyrgyzstan is like the UK’s Lake District on steroids!”), but as we follow Mr. Yates’s journey around the world on his Yamaha Ténéré XT660 motorcycle, it’s hard not to be infected by his enthusiasm for the people and environments he encounters.
As his journey progresses — across Europe, through Asia to Beijing, south to Australia, up through South and Central America (with a side trip to Antarctica) and eventually through the United States to Canada — we’re treated to more reflection and noticeably better photography as Mr. Yates matures as a traveler.
Covering every continent but Africa, Mr. Yates’s running commentary is sprinkled with helpful and up-to-date advice for anyone hoping to replicate his trip. The preface of his book is a useful to-do list, including suggestions on banking while traveling, customs documentation, visas and downloading the bike’s full manual.
Mr. Yates’s best gift to the reader is how easy he makes it all sound — just take a sabbatical, rent out your house, do some paperwork and hit the road. For us repressed bikers among the world’s deskbound multitudes, it’s a hard argument to resist.
The New York Times

A great insight into a year’s road trip that took in six continents, 35 countries and 42,000 miles. A diary of a great journey on a Yamaha Tenere with brilliant pictures of life on the road, this is a must-read for anyone planning or yearning to do the same.
Daily Express / Sunday Express

Since Ewan and Charley appeared on the TV and wrote their books, motorcycle adventure travel has become quite popular with everyone who embarks on a long trip publishing a book on their return. Some are good and some not so, but in an increasingly crowded market occasionally one really stands out, in this case The Real Way Round by Jonathan Yates.

Yates has a nice touch ... you get the impression that he was interested in the people he saw and the countries he was riding through: It wasn’t just about docking up the miles to prove he could do it ... he engages with his surroundings and brings people and places right into the book ... [he] also proves to be a damn good photographer, showing not just the scenery (some of whihc is spectacular) but also the people ... a proper adventure and one that makes a terrific book ... Even if you start by just wanting to read about his travels, be careful: you might find yourself tempted to try something similar!
Bike Rider Magazine

I met Jonathan in the midst of his trip around the world on a Tenere, the pair of us colliding somewhere in the middle of Kazakahstan. Four years later his book arrives in the office and what a professionally put together hard-back artefact of his trip it is ... this isn't a fictionalised narrative as some books of this genre tend to be, it's a straight-forward, 'this is my trip, these are my pictures, this is what happened,' kind of book, and it's all the better for it.
Adventure Bike Rider

In this quality hardback Yates explains what to do first, what to plan for, and how to cope with the unexpected. He gives details of bike modifications, route maps, points of interest, and practical guidance on freighting your bike in broad terms because this is not intended as manual for adventure motorcycle travel, there are plenty of those already on the bookshelf ... In fact what he has managed to do is create a book with seven hundred inspirational images that tell the story so that even non-motorcyclists will pick it up and enjoy the experience. He has even managed not to get too technical or go too deep on the actual riding so as to keep every reader on side from start to finish ... it is pitched at anybody who loves travel. In fact it could be said that it is a travel book with some motorcycling thrown in for good measure and that is what makes it stand out - universal appeal!

***** I'm not a biker, but a great travel book
Stunning photos, useful summaries and maps included for each country. A great book for both bikers and non bikers. It makes you want to set off and travel the world tomorrow. customer

***** Wow...! – Brilliant book
Great photo's which brought his round the world trip to life - has inspired me to start planning my own voyage! A triumph in every sense. customer

***** Top quality book
Bought this for father's day and he loved it. A lot of book for £20 (I paid £24 and still very happy), beautiful photos from each country, people, landscape, vehicles etc - this book isn't just about the bike he is travelling on. It's a cultural snapshot of the world with some bike stories thrown in - fabulous. Makes a great present as it's such good quality. customer


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