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September 20, 2019
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Motor Racing – The Pursuit of Victory 1963 to 1972

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Motor Racing – The Pursuit of Victory 1930-1962

Motor Racing – The Pursuit of Victory 1963 to 1972
Available now! We have a limited number of copies with bookplates personally signed by Jack Sears and Steve Wyatt! Request durin

By Steve Wyatt
About the Author

Hardback • 25x25cm • 272 pages • 395 b&w and 32 colour pictures

ISBN: 978-1-845842-85-7

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• Over 400 previously unpublished photographs
• Covers a period of 10 years
• Top level British international races
• Coverage of international races at Nurburgring, Spa, and Zolder
• Many informal pictures of top-line drivers and team personnel in period
• Follows the careers of a number of well known drivers
• Shows the development of racing car technology
• Reveals how accessibility to motorsport has changed
• Shows how fashions and society have changed in respect of motor-racing
• All seen from an enthusiasts perspective


Picking up where the first volume left off, this is a photographic journey covering a period of ten years in motor sport. Moving year by year, this book is written from the perspective of a passionate motor sport enthusiast of the day. Exciting, dramatic, sometimes tragic events are described on the spot, as seen over the driver or mechanic’s shoulder. These are the events that often made headline news the following day, complemented by stunning, previously unpublished photographs.


Recounting a time of unparalleled access to the highest level of motor-racing, this is an informal, personal record of the people, the cars, and the events from that golden era, gloriously illustrated with many previously unpublished photographs.
Now, a generation later, many of the cars and drivers shown here in their heyday can be found appearing at historic race meetings, drawing crowds approaching the size of those seen at modern Formula One, touring car, and motorcycle events.
The author’s personal recollections are complemented by contributions from one of the foremost racing mechanics of his day, Bob Dance. A unique combination, and a unique book.

Independent Reviews

The type of sought after photographs any restorer or enthusiast loves, close up detailed shots ... Highly recommended.
Historic Lotus Register

I gazed for hours at this book and keep returning to it. Very entertaining and a great snapshot of history.
TKC (Total Kit Car)

The second in Veloce’s unpretentious Pursuit of Victory series picks up where the previous volume left off, with contributions from Lotus mechanic Bob Dance accompanying the author’s snaps and memories.
Wyatt’s recollections jump here, there and everywhere, but the concept works since his time as a marshal gave him close-up views.
The best moments are often the surprises, such as when Wyatt turned up at Snetterton to be greeted by the day’s top starts racing GTs/ That wouldn’t happen at any circuit in the 21st century.
Motor Sport

I really enjoyed this book, not only for the photos and excellent informative text, but also through the pages it's possible to mark the massive changes to our sport from the almost carefree days of the early 1960s to the more so hectic 1970s.
Oily Rag Magazine

How many images are lost in motor racing fans' houses? Hundreds of thousands? Probably millions. Like the precursor to this book. Motor Racing: Reflections of a lost era, this is another behind-the-scenes book on motor racing that goes some way to rectifying this situation. It's a collection of images. of cherished memories, and has been treated as such with chapters divided by years and the following pages resembling a racing fan's scrapbook.

There's a wealth of paddock photos with mechanics grafting away, and a good selection of transporters including Sir Gawaine Bailey's all-Galaxie equipe from 1963. Wyatt also provides excellent captions.
Classic & Sports Car

A brilliant collection of pictures, covering every angle of the sport from the days before Ecclestone ruined it.
Best of British

THE late Sixties are often seen as the 'golden age' of motor racing, and this book showcases one fan's photos and memories of attending major F1, touring car and sports car races at that time. It's not a definitive history of any class or championship, and the haphazard approach may not appeal to everyone, but enthusiasts will love browsing through it.
Auto Express


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