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October 16, 2019
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Motor Racing – The Pursuit of Victory 1930-1962

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Anthony Carter
Motor Racing – The Pursuit of Victory 1963 to 1972

Motor Racing – The Pursuit of Victory 1930-1962
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By Anthony Carter
About the Author

Hardback • 25x25cm

ISBN: 978-1-845842-79-6

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• Photographs from 1933-1939
• Photographs from 1950-1962
• The Germans and Grand Prix racing before WWII
• The story of the BRM V16 1948-1955
• The postwar rear-engined revolution (including 500cc)
• The emergence of the Lotus marque
• The emergence of Jimmy Clark
• Early career of Jimmy Clark at Lotus
• Bob Dance – his early life pre-1960
• Bob Dance – his Lotus years up to 1970, in his own words


Previously unpublished, stunning photographs from motor racing history, in a book that examines the many facets of Grand Prix racing before the dominance of television. A beautiful look at a fascinating time in motor racing.


This book is a virtual time machine to the past. It presents stunning – previously unpublished – photographs from motor racing history, and examines the many facets of Grand Prix racing before the dominance of television and commercial advertising. Here are stories of derring-do and racing that constantly pushed the boundaries of technology. The story begins in the 1930s when the German Auto-Unions and Mercedes were heavily subsidised by the Nazi regime to strengthen their engineering might. This produced the most powerful racing cars ever (at least until the turbocharged cars of the 1980s), and which was followed by the postwar era that saw the BRM V16 bringing prestige to Great Britain. Altogether a nostalgic look at a fascinating time in motor racing’s development.

Independent Reviews

'A superb collection: The vast of majority of photographs I have never seen before. The text is obviously written by a very knowledgeable enthusiast. Highly recommended and very good value for money.'
***** customer

'All in all, this is a very interesting book … the quality of the photographs and their reproduction - especially the colour images - make this a worthy addition to any enthusiast's bookshelf.'
Old Classic Car

'…every photo in this book is one we haven't seen before… The text that goes with them is a revelation, explaining the evolution of serious racing in Europe from 1930-1962. A definite for lovers of classic racing.'
Jaguar Magazine

'The book makes no claim to being an historical work of record, but as a nostalgic look back at motor racing as it used to be, it succeeds admirably. We await with interest the next volume, covering 1963-1972 and due to be published later this year.'

'This book's unquestioned highlight is the excellent period photography from the personal archives of Reggie Tongue, Bob Dance and others. Yes, that Bob Dance, one of Jim Clark's former mechanics and still a Lotus stalwart today. Dance also supplies his own chapter, "life at Lotus," a personal tale of happenings under Colin Chapman's roof during the heyday of the marque.'
Vintage Racecar

'As soon as I read two sentences, maybe not even that long, I knew I was in for a treat. Not only is Carter's writing superb, but his depiction of the various eras of racing are sometimes better than what a photo can tell. His explanations of how each time period fit into the overall political situation in the sport and the world are highly informative ... If you're like me, you will fully enjoy this work, the photos, the text, and most importantly, the enthusiasm of Anthony Carter which pops out of the pages.'

Additional Information

Foreword by Jack Sears.


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