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July 20, 2019
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Citroën DS – Design Icon
A Veloce Classic Reprint – Out of print for years, now reprinted in revised and updated paperback form

By Malcolm Bobbitt
About the Author

V4276 • Paperback • 25x20.7cm • 192 pages

ISBN: 978-1-845842-76-5

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• Written by a well-known DS owner and aficionado
• Contains much new material
• Work supports many previously unpublished photographs
• A new and different insight into this extraordinary motorcar
• Will appeal to Citroen enthusiasts everywhere
• Describes the DS in detail
• Tells the story of the sought-after Chapron models
• Reveals Citroen's often bizarre publicity material and marketing strategies
• Buying and ownership advice
• Encompasses 50 years of the DS in words and pictures


An in-depth look at Citroen's idiosyncratic DS, for sixty years a design icon and one of the world's most controversial, radical, idiosyncratic and technically advanced motorcars. Re-issued in revised and updated paperback form.


The most radical of Citroën’s idiosyncratic offerings, the DS was sensational when it was introduced in 1955. Twenty years and 1.45 million cars later it was still technically advanced in relation to most other cars. Revolutionary in driving characteristics and comfort, it remains one of the most innovative cars of all time.
In this book Malcolm Bobbitt, a well-known motoring author and DS owner, gives an in-depth guide to the Citroën DS - its history, design and specifications, as well as valuable advice for buyers and owners. This long overdue revised edition contains much new and updated information.

Independent Reviews

Whether you’re curious about this iconic car, or you’re an owner (or hoping to be an owner)—this is a book you’ll enjoy, particularly when you consider that this new edition is priced far less than 2005 secondhand editions.
Society of Automotive Historians

Written by Malcolm Bobbitt, this fascinating book is essential reading for anyone with an interest in this unique car. With 275 mostly colour photographs to thumb through, it's a lovely looking insight into the models design origins and development history. A prolific member of the Guild of Motoring Writers, he has produced books on a wide variety of cars and in this one, describes the DS in great detail, explains its baffling technical specification and provides plenty of buying and ownership advice.
This book provides a terrific insight into this extraordinary car and would make a fantastic addition to any motoring enthusiast's library.
Classic Car Weekly

The book is beautifully presented with 225 colour and 50 monochrome pictures; many of which have not been seen before. The book covers the development of prototypes and production cars with all the variants being covered and, unlike John Reynolds' book, an entire chapter is dedicated to the car's not inconsiderable sporting achievements.
Even if the story is familiar to many, there are plenty out there who will take delight in discovering for the first time the twists and turns that led to the creation of an unique motor car. Those who already know the story will still find fresh revelations in these pages and Malcolm's easy prose and the mix of fresh and familiar pictures, together with a refreshing lay out make this book a joy to own.
This book comes strongly recommended.
Julian Marsh

As it is 50 years since the launch of the DS, it was inevitable that something would turn up in print to celebrate that fact, and Malcolm Bobbitt has duly obliged.
Fortunately, the author is a well known Citroen fan, and his love for the marque, and the sighing Goddess in particular shines through. Several books on the DS grace my shelves already, but Malcolm has managed to provide new insights on a well covered model, particularly the arrival of, and reaction to, the car in the UK.
As well as the usual trot through the history of the double chevron marque as a preamble, there is good coverage of the development of the model, along with numerous photos from the author's collection, which make a change from the same old factory shots.
The book also features the convertibles in some detail, plus Slough production and a chapter on the SM, which clearly shows its lineage to the DS.
A few pages on buying and living with the car finish things off, with some sensible advice for those who may feel immediately driven to reach for their cheque books, by the enthusiasm Malcolm manages to transmit.
A worthy addition to any Citroen lover's shelves, and a fitting tribute to probably the most important car of the 20th Century (after the 2CV of course!)
Mark Paxton for


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