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July 18, 2019
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Northeast American Sports Car Races 1950-1959

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Northeast American Sports Car Races 1950-1959
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By Terry O’Neil
About the Author

Hardback • 25x25cm • 432 pages • 475 pictures

ISBN: 978-1-845842-54-3

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• Subject covered in great detail
• Diligent research has resulted in expansion and correction of recorded data
• Collection of rare images exemplifies the races of the era
• Many previously unpublished photos with descriptive captions
• Detailed year-by-year account of the races, their inception and demise
• Background to decisions made by race organisers and motor clubs
• Race programme covers included
• Near complete race results for every event
• Supplementary material used to illustrate the book
• Detailed information on the inception of various race tracks


This book focuses on the different aspects that contributed to the development of Northeast American sports car racing during the 1950s. The evolution from amateur drivers racing on public roads in 1950, to both professional and amateur drivers racing at private, purpose-built tracks in 1959, demanded huge leaps of faith, trust and understanding. The transition was neither easy nor uneventful for drivers, clubs or track owners, and the tragedy, politics and intrigue that came to characterise the period are covered here in fascinating detail.


The growth of sports car racing in Northeast America was not painless. Tragedy, mystery, subterfuge, intrigue, and an adherence to a particular club philosophy all featured in its story during the 1950s, when professionalism in the sport was always bubbling under the surface.
The northeast area of America has long been considered the cradle of post World War II sports car racing; the Sports Car Club of America was founded there, and it was the entry point to America for a host of European sports cars. Early in the 1950s, road races had been permitted by some State authorities, but due to fatal accidents a ban on such racing came into effect. Forced to find alternative venues, the motor clubs were attracted to civil airports and a few military bases. But the drivers craved more challenging venues on which to hone their skills. This resulted in a few individuals chancing their reputation – and a great deal of money – and opening purpose-built circuits.
This book gives a unique insight into this intriguing journey through the decade. Extensively researched, the compelling story and stunning contemporary photos, many previously unpublished, paint a fascinating portrait of a nascent sport coming into its own.Complaints from airmen alerted Congressman Errett Scrivner to potential irregularities, and he ordered an audit to be conducted to ascertain precisely what it was costing the air bases to host the races. His findings led to the cessation of the races, ordered by Congress.
The product of a long period of extensive research by the author, this book gives a fascinating insight into this two-year period, complemented by over 150 period pictures, many previously unpublished.

Independent Reviews

"Californian motor sport history is extensively covered in print but the East Coast scene (with the exception of Joel Finn's masterful histories) get's short-changed. This thumping 432-page book changes that … the amount of information and amazing pictures help justify the hefty outlay." – Classic & Sports Car

"Race results, where they survive, are fully detailed and there are loads of rare and fascinating pictures. It's a solid piece of work, both in the literary sense and – at 430 pages – the physical one." – Octane

"The snappy period press quotes and plethora of photos are fascinating." – Classic Cars

"The entire book makes an entertaining and educational read for anybody even vaguely interested in the subject." – Jaguar Magazine, Australia

"The presentation of the wealth of material in the book is extremely well done. The layout is logical, taking each year covered and then treating the reaches chronologically. This book is a must for your library. Congratulations to the author for his fine research and attention to detail." – The Sacred Octagon, New England MG-T Register

"The book has hundreds and hundreds of photos to illustrate the full race reporting. All power to the author and the publisher for going ahead with a nicely-produced book on a racing era that deserves to be covered well." – Classic Driver

"This is a massive volume filled with racing statistics, photos and text gleaned from a variety of sources including old racing programs, newspaper articles, and various club newsletters of the period, 1950-1959. An amazing historical chronicle of the first real decade of sports car racing in North America." – North American Classic MG

"For anyone with an abiding interest in the foundations of road racing in America, this book is an invaluable resource." – Vintage Racecar

"The level of research and commitment needed to produce this book is simply staggering. If the cars, races or personalities of this era are of interest then this is a valuable work and should find space in any serious motoring library." – VSCC Bulletin & Bugantics

"Given the difficulties – copyrights, hoarding collectors, much material simply thrown away by uncaring relatives, and the cost of photo use from many collections, it makes the 475 photos – 104 in color a real treasure. Many have never been published and are seen here for the first time." –


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