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October 23, 2019
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Mini – The Essential Buyer’s Guide

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APP Mini – Essential Buyer's Guide

Mini – The Essential Buyer’s Guide

By Mark Paxton
About the Author

Paperback • 64 pages • 100 colour pictures

ISBN: 978-1-84584-204-8

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- Unique, no other buyer’s guide on the market
- Full colour illustrations of the major weak points
- Easy to follow, jargon-free text
- Filled with essential tips to avoid buying a dud
- Includes a quick check guide as well as a full inspection plan
- Examines the reality of living with a Mini
- Handy size to take with you when looking at a car
- Examines whether restoration is a realistic option
- Includes useful contacts for Mini clubs and parts suppliers
- Author has repaired these cars for more than 20 years


This compact and practical book offers a step-by-step guide to help any prospective buyer avoid expensive mistakes and end up with the best Mini possible for their money. Using over 100 clear colour photographs and easy to follow, jargon-free text, the car’s notorious rot spots, common bodges and mechanical defects are examined in detail, along with auction advice, relative values and the realities of living with this 20th century icon. A few pounds spent on this book could save you thousands!


The Mini is without doubt a motoring milestone, and has had many volumes dedicated to its design, history and development, but this is the only book to examine the tricky task of buying one used. Iconic and innovative it may have been, but this quintessentially British car was not without its defects, many of which could turn the Mini experience into an expensive and tiresome disaster. This guide takes the potential purchaser through a short initial examination to weed out the obviously defective, followed by a more comprehensive step-by-step look at the body and mechanical parts, where the clear, jargon-free text accompanied by over 100 photographs sheds light on even the darkest corners of the Mini’s construction. A unique points marking system ensures that nothing is overlooked and an accurate final picture of the car’s condition can be viewed in relation to the asking price.

Independent Reviews

"These pocket softbacks are well worth a tenner if you're thinking of a car purchase." – Octane

"This handy pocket-sized book is worth every penny of its cover price. Well written in a concise and easy to follow manner, anyone contemplating buying a Mini should take this book as a standard reference item." – Mini Cooper Register

"... an excellent overview of what you need to know when purchasing a Mini, especially if you're a first timer." – Mini Magazine

"The content is informative, yet easy to read and there's plenty of colour pictures. I'd advise anyone seriously considering buying a Mini to get hold of a copy of this book first." –

Additional Information

Period covered: 1959 – 1999

Models covered: All Mini saloons, estates, vans and pick ups, 1959 – 1999

Models not covered: Modern ‘BMW’ Mini


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