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September 20, 2019
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Alpine & Renault –  The Development of the Revolutionary Turbo F1 Car: 1968 to 1979

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Alpine & Renault – The Development of the Revolutionary Turbo F1 Car: 1968 to 1979
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By Roy Smith
About the Author

Hardback • 240 pages • 250x250mm • Over 400 mainly colour pictures

ISBN: 978-1-84584-177-5

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• The first English language book about Alpine Renault and the development of the first turbocharged F1 car
• The full, detailed story of the Alpine A500
• Contains many previously unpublished photographs
• Includes interviews with the major players
• The first time the 1968 A350 story has been told in English
• The RS01 changed the motoring world's thinking about turbos
• A tale of huge dreams becoming reality
• Describes the untold input from Elf and the men behind the scenes
• Will appeal to all enthusiasts of Alpine, Renault and Formula 1


Alpine and Renault describes the history of each company involved, the thinking behind the creation of the first turbo-charged Grand Prix car, and the men concerned – from the first ideas to the final ultimate success of a Grand Prix victory. The book covers the development of an experimental car by Alpine in the 1960s, and the story of the men who worked with Gordini, the engine-tuning genius who went on to create a power unit that changed the world’s thinking on engine design. The early tests, first car designed at Alpine, and the Renault-designed and built Grand Prix car made to the specific Formula 1 regulations are described, as well as the full story of the Renault Turbo Grand Prix cars, including interviews with the men of the time, a transcript of the first public test, and race reports on every event. Contains over 400 photos (mainly colour) and special illustrations.


This is a study of how the first turbo Grand Prix car came to be a reality. Starting with a brief history of Renault, the story moves to the development of Jean Redele’s company, Alpine, and the parts played by Gordini, Elf and Michelin, including much personal input from the men who made it. The first experimental car in 1968 was so nearly raced by Mauro Bianchi in the French GP of that year, but its development was stopped by Renault – the book details the visionary ideas of the talented engineers at that company, as well as at Gordini and Alpine. The creation of a turbo engine for the Alpine sports car led to the idea of a Grand Prix car powered by a turbocharged 1500cc engine. Grand Prix driver Jean Pierre Jabouille’s determination to develop such a car on the track is graphically described, demonstrating the huge technical challenges that awaited the team. The book is stunningly illustrated and is completed by a full record of the developments and races during the turbo era. Features a transcript of the first public test, race reports on every event, over 400 photos and special illustrations.

Independent Reviews

"This is a must-have for students of Formula 1, French race cars, Alpine, Gordini and Renault. A huge gap, filled." –

"It is packed with quotes – including J-P Jabouille – and is a fascinating story. As well as factory chassis notes and test transcripts, there's a wealth of historic photographs." – Classic & Sports Car

"If you are an avid follower if this period, and of the Renault and Alpine partnership that introduced turbos to F1, you'll be delighted with this book. Photographically, the behind-the-scenes stuff and technical details are the work's biggest strength ..." – Motor Sport

"... a book no fan of The Regie should be without." – Vintage Racecar

"A recommended read." – New Zealand Classic Car

Additional Information

Models covered:

A350 Experiment car 1967/68
A500 Experimental car 1975/76
RS01 First Turbo GP car 1976 to 1978
RS10 First Turbo to Win a GP 1978/79


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