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July 20, 2019
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The Ultimate Mini Restoration Manual

The Ultimate Mini Restoration Manual
How to choose, restore, paint, trim, overhaul, update, upgrade, grossly overpower and generally have fun with a classic Mini

By Iain Ayre
About the Author

27x20.7cm • 176 pages • 501 pictures

ISBN: 978-1-845841-16-4

£ 40.00 Postage + P&P (eBook prices vary, and delivery is free)

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• Contains valuable information missing from ordinary repair manuals
• Based on a combined 50 years of hands-on Mini experience
• Provides an entertaining but realistic picture of what’s actually involved in restoring Minis
• Exhaustive pictorial guide on how to resurrect a crumbling shell
• Options for modern Japanese power units evaluated and discussed
• Improvements to suspension, steering and handling explained
• Explains upgrades for seating and interior comfort
• Includes photo walk-through of seat rebuilding and retrimming
• Techincal Editor has built 50 engines – without a blow-up!
• What to do if your Mini turns out to be toast, when its full rust is revealed


The Ultimate Mini Restoration Manual gives you all the info you need to evaluate your skills and attitude, get your garage sorted, choose the right Mini, weld-up the rust, paint it, overhaul the engine, sort the rest of the mechanicals, retrim – then make the car faster, smoother, sharper, and a lot more fun!


Condensing several decades of hands-on Mini experience into a restoration manual that works with and enhances existing repair manuals, Iain Ayre encourages the reader to evaluate realistically their own potential, equip a garage as a restoration shop, and buy exactly the right sort of nasty old Mini.
Showing two major semi-professional body restorations, on older and newer classic Minis, this manual explains how a full-scale rust rescue job can be successfully tackled, before looking at the aspects of restoration not usually covered in repair manuals, such as rewiring, and rebuilding and retrimming seats.
Once your Mini is on its way to full restoration, you’ll be shown the art of improving Minis, an art learned during the writing of hundreds of articles on modified Minis … and in racing and crashing them!

Independent Reviews

In short, if you’re into Minis in any fashion at all, this is a hugely enjoyable and informative book that deserves to be on your bookshelf.
Retro Classics

I do think that this book would make an ideal absolute beginner's guide for anyone who might be contemplating their first ever Mini restoration/repair.

Many books of this type, while offering a boot-full of practical advice and guidance, often end up being as enjoyable to read as your granny’s shopping list — however, Ayre’s dry sense of humour is present throughout, and I even found myself laughing out loud as I absorbed one or two of his eminently valuable lessons on Mini restoration.
New Zealand Classic Car

Additional Information

Minis are the world's favourite starter classic: this book enables restoration on a starter budget.

Existing repair manuals are mostly limited to mechanical issues, and are very boring. As well as covering a much wider area, this book is worth reading just for fun.

Includes instructions on: exorcising the ghost of Joseph Lucas; how to stop a Type R Honda-engined Mini from killing you; how to choose at which end of a Mini the engine should be put; how to save money on a major body restoration; and rewiring Mini headlights to avoid using the switch as a slow-blowing fuse.


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