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November 19, 2019
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Caring for your Scooter - How to maintain & service your 49cc to 125cc twist & go scooter

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Caring for your scooter

Caring for your Scooter - How to maintain & service your 49cc to 125cc twist & go scooter
RAC Handbook

By Trevor Fry
About the Author

Paperback • 148 x 210mm • 80 pages • 89 colour pictures

ISBN: 978-1-845840-95-2

£ 9.99 Postage + P&P (eBook prices vary, and delivery is free)

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• Written in clear and concise layman's terms
• Full colour photographs throughout
• Tackles the basics
• Not overly technical
• Written for both the beginner and more experienced rider
• Not marque-specific
• Nothing else like it on the market
• All tasks carried out with basic tools
• Pays for itself in one oil change!


This book is aimed at the rider who wants to do his or her own basic scooter maintenance and servicing without the need for in-depth mechanical knowledge, or a technical manual. It covers areas such as oil, brakes, tyres, transmission, electrics, etc, allowing the owner to address the most regularly serviced items without forking out for additional costs. Illustrated with full colour photographs throughout, and featuring clear, easy-to-follow instructions, this book is a must-have for scooter users.


With fuel costs and parking charges forever rising, it's no wonder consumers are turning towards cheaper forms of travel. Enter the twist-and-go scooter! Cheap to run, fun to ride, and ideal for those little ‘pop to the shop' trips, and also for the 16-year-old getting to school. Unfortunately, there is a downside – the cost of servicing and maintaining your machine. It costs a garage the same to service your scooter as it does a 1000cc motorcycle, because it's charged on the time taken, plus the parts required.
Here's where this invaluable book can help, by showing you how to do basic servicing and maintenance. Not only will you have the satisfaction of doing otherwise-expensive jobs yourself, you will also have learnt something along the way – and recouped the cost of this book (and a bit more besides) with your first oil change.

Independent Reviews

'If scooter maintenance is as easy as this book makes it look, then it really is simple to keep your scooter in tip top condition.'
Burton Mail

Additional Information

Period covered: 1995 - present


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