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October 23, 2019
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The A-Z of Popular Scooters & Microcars

The A-Z of Popular Scooters & Microcars

By Mike Dan
About the Author

Paperback • 256 pages • 250 x 207mm • 441 pictures

ISBN: 9781845840884

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- Comprehensive photo recognition guide
- Comprehensive specification data
- Comprehensive date Listings
- Large selection of period adverts and brochure illustrations
- Background information on every vehicle featured
- Good range of scenic photographs
- Written from personal experience of over fifty years
- Guide to Period Magazines
- Club directory for scooters and microcars
- The author is an expert on scooters and microcars


An A to Z color reference book covering classic motor scooters and microcars primarily from the 1950s to the 1970s. A hugely entertaining "I was there" account of of the classic scooter and microcar era, this book is highly illustrated and also contains an essential A-Z reference to these fascinating machines.


This is mainly a photographic reference book to classic scooters and microcars with specification data presented in A to Z order of manufacturer. There are also nostalgic recollections by the author based on ownership and personal experience. In the middle 1950s as a teenager Mike Dan became interested in these then newly-arrived forms of transport. Eventually Mike owned a series of scooters and a microcar. He became involved in Scooter and Microcar Clubs and took part in many local and national sporting events gaining a collection of awards and trophies. In the mid 1980s he had time again to visit many indoor and outdoor classic vehicle shows. Eventually this led to a renewed personal involvement in the restoration of a series of over twenty classic scooters and three classic microcars. This highly entertaining book and reference source is therefore written with the authority of a lifetime enthusiast.

Independent Reviews

"BOOK OF THE MONTH. I enjoyed this book and will say that only the British could build something as eccentric as the single seat Peel P50, It comes highly recommended, so much so that it's our book of the month." – Australian Classic Car

"In this book there is a time line for scooters going from 1952 up until 1969. it shows everything that was built through those years and when production of the vehicles ceased. It is an interesting book with lots of weird and wonderful vehicles and is well worth a look." – he Messerschmitt Owners Club

"... a very well illustrated and informative book covering just about every scooter and microcar ever made, it gives an introduction to the evolution of scooters and microcars and the rise and fall of there popularity. It also shows a lot of the advertising literature of the time, and shows scooters and microcars in some interesting settings thanks to modern digital photography." – Heinkel Trojan Owners Club

"What brings it all together is the comprehensive alphabetical listing of scooters and microcars that contains spec data, country of origin, year of introduction, a glossy photo, and a detailed description. From Vespa and Lambretta to Fiat and Isetta, you'll find it all in this engaging reference guide." – Road & Track

"Written in a chatty personal style, it does indeed detail an incredible number of scooters, and almost as many microcars of the 1950s to 70s, including smaller-engined cars as well as those capable of being driven on a motorcycle licence. The book is colourfully illustrated throughout, with many period advertisements." – The Automobile

"... an excellent book based on ownership and personal experiences. This comprehensive photo recognition guide includes basic background information, specifications and date listings for each vehicle listed, including the Scootacar, with lots of period adverts and brochure illustrations ... a very useful reference book." – Scootabout, The Newsletter of the Scootacar Register

"There are an equal number of scooters and cars in this book, but chances are if you're into one you can appreciate the other. Images vary from period advertising to snaps clearly taken at rallies and shows. A short specs table and a few lines about each entry make this one a useful reference guide." – Classics Monthly

"Buy it and enjoy it!" - RumCar News, June 2007

"This is a lovely book, stuffed full of gorgeous photographs and period brochures and sales leaflets. With over 250 pages, there's plenty of detail to keep you going, but the book's style makes for an easy read too. And, as with other Veloce publications, the book is beautifully laid out and printed, so it's great to have on the coffee table. SFR RATING 5*" –

"A lifelong scooter enthusiast, the author captures the evocative era of the 1950s, 60s and 70s, in a full colour, comprehensive and personal recollection. Contents include many period advertisements, many specifications data, and a club directory of scooters and microcars." – The Royal Automobile Club


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