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November 15, 2019
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Jaguar E-type V12 5.3 litre - The Essential Buyer's Guide

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Jaguar E-type V12 5.3 litre - The Essential Buyer's Guide

By Peter Crespin
About the Author

Paperback * 64 pages * 195 x 139mm * 101 Pictures

ISBN: 9781845840778

£ 12.99 Postage + P&P (eBook prices vary, and delivery is free)

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- Full coverage of all 12-cylinder models
- In-depth analysis of strengths and weaknesses
- Includes market and value data
- Advice on choosing the right model and condition
- How to avoid buying a lemon
- Like having an E-type expert at your side
- Quick check guide and also a fuller inspection plan
- Discussion of desirable upgrades as well as modifications to avoid
- Where and how to buy
-Details of club back-up and support organisations


Given the small cost of this book, you would be foolish to spend thousands on your dream Jaguar E-type V12 without taking it's expert advice ...


Buying a car is an expensive business and mistakes can prove costly financially and in time, effort and stress. Wouldn't it be great if you could take an expert with you? With the aid of this book's step-by-step guidance from a marque specialist, you can! You'll discover all you need to know about the car you want to buy.
By giving their fabulous E-type the incredible new V12 engine, Jaguar succeeded in grabbing the headlines once more, with an unsurpassed combination of performance and style at an unbeatable price that simply blew the opposition away. Thirty years later, the Series 3 E-type can still turn heads like no other and this book seeks to demystify these legendary cars and make them accessible to buyers who until now might have assumed such a car was beyond their practical or financial means. Working step-by-step through the car’s strengths and weaknesses you’ll avoid buying a lemon and join the ranks of film stars and others who have sampled the delight of V12 E-type motoring. Nothing else comes close. This books unique points system will help you to place the cars value in relation to condition whilst extensive photographs illustrate the problems to look out for. This is an important investment - don't buy a V12 E-Type without this book's help. STOP! Don’t buy a V12 E-Type without buying this book first!

Independent Reviews

Review by Mark Holman for New Zealand Classic Car, October 2007

As with previous books from this series, these are 64-page soft-cover books, small enough to fit into a coat pocket and pretty well guaranteed to come in very handy if you are buying any of these cars from very different ends of the classic scale.

All follow a similar layout, starting with 'is it the right car for you?', and then going through the 15-minute quick check (walk away or not?) followed by a very detailed checklist which you can use to 'mark' the car, and what to look out for on a test drive. There are also chapters on whether you want to restore a model, paint problems, things to watch out for if the car has had little recent use, and lists of clubs and spares specialists.

The books are well-illustrated, and the advice looks really practical. They don't pretend that classic car ownership is easy, or necessary profitable in purely financial terms, yet they are clearly written by guys who are enthusiastic about the pleasure you can get from a good example of any of these cars.

While I have never been in the market for them, I would want to have one of these books if I were � definitely recommended.

Review from Australian Classic Car, September 2007

Veloce has now published 13 of these handy pocket size books. Each serves as a useful guide for enthusiasts and assumes that readers will already know a little about older cars. The publications follow a pattern, starting off with the question, "Is this car right for you?" � it's a valid question, since many first-time owners buy with their hearts and not their heads, and live to regret it.

Items to watch out for are helpfully divided into a 15-minute evaluation and a more serious investigation examining mechanicals, body, trim and so forth in close detail. The author then compares the various advantages of auctions against private sales before discussing the all important paperwork � after all, you'll want to make sure that the seller actually owns what you are buying. Internet links and tips on where to find spares are helpful as is the list of relevant publications. Put it in your pocket before you start looking.

Review from The Automobile, August 2007

These invaluable little books follow the same format and provide very useful information if you are thinking of buying one of the relevant models. Written by marque experts, they guide you through the whole process from first buying thoughts to final inspection and assessment of likely restoration problems. They close with a review of the relevant clubs and an introduction to other books to help with the restoration process.

Review by Mike R for Classics Monthly, June 2007

The V12 E-type is a complicated beast so if you're planning on owning one you could save yourself a lot of grief by picking up a copy of this book. Although written for an American audience it covers British and American spec cars � useful with the number of Jags finding their way back to the UK. Good clear photos and a huge amount of sensible information makes this great value for money. Don't buy a V12 without it.


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