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August 22, 2019
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Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet – The full story of the convertible Beetle (New Edition)

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APP Volkswagen Beetle – Essential Buyer's Guide

Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet – The full story of the convertible Beetle (New Edition)
New edition of The book of the Beetle Cabriolet!

By Malcolm Bobbitt
About the Author

Paperback • 20.7x25cm • 128 pages • 115 pictures

ISBN: 978-1-845840-74-7

£ 19.99 Postage + P&P (eBook prices vary, and delivery is free)

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• The full story of the Beetle Cabriolet (convertible)
• Mainly bodied by Karmann Ghia, the original convertible has a long and fascinating history
• Amongst all the Beetle models built over the years, Cabriolets, whether Hebmüller or Karmann Ghia, are still favourites for millions of VW enthusiasts
• Contains full details of all the convertible-bodied Beetles from 1948 to 1980
• Includes a chapter on the New Beetles
• Traces development of coachbuilt Beetle cabrios
• Provides model specification, production figures
• Lists Beetle cabrio specialists
• How to live with and enjoy your Beetle Cabrio
• Gives buying advice


Karmann Ghia built the majority of the original VW Beetle Cabriolets between 1948 and 1980. Today, these convertible Beetles are much sought after as practical, durable and very attractive classics. Altogether, over 330,000 Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolets were built and the quality of their engineering has ensured a very high survival rate. This book is THE essential guide to Beetle Cabriolets, now in an updated and revised new edition.
The book also includes a chapter on the New Beetle.


Written by Malcolm Bobbitt – whose companion Volkswagen titles cover the Karmann Ghia coupé and convertible, and possibly the greatest classic of all time, the VW Bus – this new edition of Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet chronicles the history of this practical and sought after convertible Beetles from the classic era.  The author traces the Beetle Cabrio’s ancestry from its pre-war origins, following its development through to 1980, by which time more than 330,000 examples had been built, and up to the present day, when the New Beetle cabriolet continues to be in strong demand worldwide. As VW’s engineering quality has ensured a very high survival rate, this book is also a guide to Beetle Cabrio ownership, providing buying advice, specifications, and information on customising. Includes a chapter devoted to the New Beetle.

Independent Reviews

Although not a buyer’s guide, [...] if you are considering buying a VW Beetle Cabriolet or already are enjoying one, I would definitely recommend this book as an addition to your library.
Norm Mort – Author and Freelance Reviewer

A good read for Beetle fans, I thought a real strength of the book is in photos of unusual variants and reproductions of some great advertising and brochures for the models,
whose changes over the years are fully described.
New Zealand Classic Car

Overall, this book provides a fascinating and in-depth look at the Beetle Cabriolet from the very beginning and has something for everyone – from the casual enthusiast right down to the hard-core detail-studying enthusiast, and everyone in between.
Air Monkeys Magazine

Detailed commentary explains what’s changed from model to model, and fabulous advertising imagery reminds us of the car’s famous history.
* * * *
Auto Express

Well-illustrated and full of useful stats. Recommended.
Classic Car

Additional Information

Covers all convertible Beetles 1948 to 1980, and the New Beetle from its introduction through 2010.

With in excess of 550,000 Beetle Cabriolets built between 1948 and 2010, this iconic Volkswagen has worldwide cult appeal.

This easily accessible book is the ideal companion to one of the world’s best-loved classic cars.

Stunning images by some of the best known Volkswagen photographers; original publicity material.


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