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August 20, 2019
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Laverda Twins & Triples Bible

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Laverda Twins & Triples Bible

Laverda Twins & Triples Bible

By Ian Falloon
About the Author

Hardback • 250 x 207mm • 160 pages • Over 220 Pictures

ISBN: 9781845840587

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- History of Laverda and how motorcycles evolved from agricultural machinery.
- Full description of the 750SFC and all variants
- How the 1000cc triple evolved
- Twin and Triple racing history
- Modifications to each model during the production run
- How the Laverda compared with the competition.
-Technical appraisal of the twins and triples
- Complete Appendices of technical specifications


From humble beginnings in 1948, Laverda made the move into large capacity motorcycles in 1966. A successful racing program led to the release of the legendary 750SFC, followed by the 1000cc triple. This evolved into the spectacular Jota and a new-generation RGS during the 1980s.


Now part of the Aprilia - Moto Guzzi - Laverda group, Laverda has acquired a following of almost fanatical proportions. The large capacity twins and triples were some of the most charismatic and exciting motorcycles produced in a golden era. With a successful endurance racing program publicizing them, Laverda's twins soon earned a reputation for durability that wasn't usually associated with Italian machinery. Originally built for the British market, the 1000cc Jota was the fastest Superbike available in its day. While the twins faded before the end of the 1970s, the triples continued for almost another decade before dying with a whimper. By this time the company was in serious difficulty and went into receivership. Despite a resurrection in the 1990s, it is the classic twins and triples of the late 1960s through until the mid-1980s that Laverda is now famous for.

Independent Reviews

"This book is a terrific read for anyone besotted by Laverdas and a great introduction to the other Italian marque for anyone who isn't (yet)." – Two Wheels

"... a fact-packed, year-by-year, change-by-change record of Laverda’s twins and triples, along with technical specifications and racing history. Like the bikes themselves, books on Laverda are rare, making this a real treat for fans of this classic Italian marque." –

""This particular book should come with a health warning as it has now instilled a desire in me to buy one of the earlier twins, which is going to be more expensive than the modest £29.99 for this hardback book. Still, at least I will be armed with all the information I need to buy with confidence!" –

"lan Falloon seems to have hit on a good little number with his 'bible' series. This one takes a good long look at the 650cc and 750cc twins and the mighty 1000cc and 1200cc triples. It tells how Laverda moved into motorcycles, from agricultural machinery, gives a full description of the 750SFC development then the evolution of the triples, the most famous arguably being the Jota, which was actually conceived in the UK." – Classic Bike Guide

"... includes information relevant to anyone restoring a Laverda, or anyone just plain interested in these Italian motorcycles. Facts and details of all the Laverda twins and triples including the Jota and the rare RGS 1000 Executive are laid out in five chapters, with a separate entry for Racing History and an Appendix detailing Technical Specifications. The book truly is a bible for fans of the Laverda." – Inside Motorcycles

"I cannot conceive of any information a Laverda fanatic would miss in this book. And, then there are the dozens of beautiful photos of the bikes themselves. Black and white or in colour, almost every page has at least one shot of a beautiful example of Italian motorcycling art. All in all, any Laverda junkie will need to rush to their nearest bookstore and uplift a copy now, and to hell with the expense! And any reasonably serious motorcycling historian or lover of Italian motorcycles could do worse than add this volume to their library. It will sit proudly on mine." – Motorcycle Trader & News

"... details just how the Jota came about. Of course it’s not just about the iconic 1000cc triple, as inside the book the enthusiast will find the 650 and 750cc twins alongside the full range of 1000 and 1200 triples. There are loads of pictures, over 200 of them in fact, mainly in colour." – Classic Bike Guide

"The information given greatly expands on that published in other already existing Laverda books, yet does not repeat the same old anecdotes and images. A worthwhile addition to every Laverdisti’s bookshelf, and especially to those also owning an anorak and bobble-hat!" – La Vera Vista

"... if you are a true Laverda motorcycle collector, you'll find it is worth every penny." –


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