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October 17, 2017
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Motor Racing - Reflections of a lost era (Leather)

Motor Racing - Reflections of a lost era (Leather)

By Anthony Carter
About the Author

Leather edition • 250 tall x 250mm • 208 pages • 300 original photographs, including 95 in colour

ISBN: 9781845840488

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– 300 photographs of paddock scenes 1956 to 1979
- photographs which have not been published before
- detailed captions to the photographs
- photographs of the author’s visit to the Ferrari factory 1967
- photographs of continental road circuits then and now
- photographs which include the cars and personalities
- an enthusiast’s tale of when motor racing was accessible to all
- snatches of the author’s life
- reproduced programme covers, autographs, letters, tickets etc.
- Foreword by David Owen


An enthusiast’s story in words and intimate paddock scenes photos in black and white and colour taken between 1956 to 1979 when motor racing was accessible to all.


Here is a nostalgic trip back to an era of motor racing in Great Britain and Europe when the sport was less commercial, much more accessible, and much more dangerous.
The period covered – 1956 to 1979 – saw the end of the front engined Grand Prix cars spawned by the behemoths of the vintage period, and ushered in a new breed of elegant, lightweight, rear engined cars, whose genes are still very evident in today’s F1 racers. This was also the era of the great sports racing cars from a myriad of manufacturers.
This really is an extraordinary book. You will not have seen before the photographs it contains: they were all taken by the author, without the benefit of a press pass or special access, and were never intended to be published. Over 300 delightfully spontaneous and opportunistic pictures in colour and monochrome – rediscovered in the attic during a house move – show just how easy it was for an enthusiastic spectator to get close to the cars, drivers and team crew in this period of motorsport. Unusually for a motor racing book, the images are mainly of paddock scenes and the people – drivers, mechanics, course officials, even the man who painted the racing numbers on the cars – preparing for action behind the scenes
Accompanying his pictures, Anthony’s writing brings the era to life again. Colourful and emotive descriptions, and personal recollections allow you to share the author’s motor racing experiences so intimately that you might hear the roar of exhausts and smell the Castrol R in the air ... Enjoy!

Independent Reviews

Review from Classic Cars, January 2006

Photographs from well-travelled racing enthusiast Anthony Carter are put to good use, compiled in this excellent book. Its 208 pages feature 300 previously unpublished photographs depicting international Formula One and sports car racing from 1956 to 1979.

It's a personal account of the races Carter went to, the photos taken for pleasure as a race-goer, rather than as a professional photographer. Carter mainly captured the scenes in the pits and paddocks, providing an intimate view of motor racing at that time, and also includes shots from a visit to the Ferrari factory in 1967. Wonderful, well written and worth every penny.

Review from Classic & Sportscar, September 2005

More than 300 delightful, opportunistic frames over 206 pages, in black and white and colour, bring this hardback book to life. Sheer, head-swimming delight. If you buy only one book this year, make it this one.

Review from Drive, July 2005
UK magazine

Take a nostalgic trip back to an era of motor racing in Great Britain and Europe when the sport was less commercial and much more accessible through the photographs of Anthony Carter.

'Reflections of a lost era' contains more than 300 photographs of paddock scenes from the mid 1950s, through the late 1960s to the 1970s when sponsorship and television changed the sport for ever.

They are accompanied by emotive descriptions and personal recollections capturing motorsport's development.

Unusually, the images are mainly of paddock scenes and the people - drivers, mechanics, and course officials, and even the man who painted the numbers on the cars. There are also reproduced programme covers, autographs, letters, tickets and press cuttings.

His photographs gathered dust in the loft before being rediscovered during a house move. They now represent a unique archive of the period.

Review from The Telegraph Online, June 2005

Go to the period dress-only Goodwood Revival and you'd imagine that the late 1950s vied with the court of Louis the Sun King as one of the most stylish periods in history. Read this book and look at the photographs from an enthusiastic and gifted amateur who loved motor racing and you'll know different. Here is the determined spectator's eye view of the sport at that time. It's mainly about the people and they're not half as beautiful as we remember them.

Sweat-stained tweeds, scuffed boots, gaunt war-diet faces and Brylcreem predominate and you can almost feel the smoke from a lit Senior Service drifting into your eyes.

Recommended: page 28 and the photo of Tommy Sopwith dicing with Mike Hawthorn through Stowe in Jag 3.4s.

Review from The Daily Express, 2005

Racing back in time

Continuing with our motorsport theme, those fans who remember the Daily Express sponsoring the International Trophy at Silverstone and the Grand Prix In the Fifties and Sixties will love Anthony Carter's new book.

Called Motor Racing: Reflections Of A Lost Era, it's a fantastic insight into the motorsport paddock from 1956 to 1979, and contains 300 photographs never before published.

From Startline Magazine

Over 300 photographs depicting an era of motor racing when the sport was less commercial and everything was so much more accessible. This wonderful book contains never before seen photographs taken by the author, without the benefit of press access and which were never intended to be published. Lost to the author's attic, only to be rediscovered during a house move, these spontaneous and opportunistic pictures show the author's persistence and good fortune to get close to the superstars of the day. The images are mainly paddock scenes which show the people, drivers, mechanics, as well as cars.

The author's passion for the sport is evident in the colourful and emotive text which accompanies the photographs.

This book has an almost scrap book feel, allowing the reader to share the authors intimate motor racing experiences. It draws you in so much that the smells and sounds of the period paddock seem to seep out of it's pages.

Review by David Finlay for Carkeys, September 2005

If Anthony Carter had not decided to move house, this book would never have happened. While clearing out his loft, Carter came across a large collection of negatives which had lain there for years without ever being properly catalogued. The dozens of images of motor racing, mostly from the 1950s and 1960s, have now been printed and the best ones published here.

Photographs take up most of the book, but there's also a lot of descriptive text. Except for a short stint working at the British Racing and Sports Car Club, Carter made his living from insurance, but there was brief talk of a career in motoring journalism. I suspect he would have been very good at it; on this evidence, he is a much, much better writer than a number of professional motorsport historians.

Before I started reading, I wasn't sure if the reminiscences of an amateur photographer would hold my interest. Before I had finished, I knew this was a book I was going to keep for ever. It's a fine piece of work in its own right, and an excellent companion to other histories of the same period by more famous people within the sport.


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