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July 19, 2018
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VW Golf  Five Generations of Fun

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VW Golf

VW Golf Five Generations of Fun
Paperback edition

By Richard Copping
About the Author

Paperback 250 x 207mm 176 pages 263 mainly colour pictures

ISBN: 9781845840327

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The story of the Golf with a difference! The emphasis is on the hotter hatch, without ignoring the range that made an acknowledged market leader.


The combination of model history, coupled to hot hatch performance, all comprehensively illustrated through major photo shoots and detail pictures, make this the complete guide to the first five generations Golf, including the classic GTIs. With all models, including Golf spin-offs, assessed, enthusiast-driving opinions shared and marketing policy discussed, this book is a unique Golfology!

Independent Reviews

"At a chunky 176 pages and filled with more than 200 pictures, it really is a definitive guide for VW fans amongst us." Track Driver

Review by 'Little' Stu for Wheelspin, August 2008
The magazine of the London & Thames Valley VW Club

When I was asked to review 'Golf Five Generations of Fun' I wasn't expecting much most model specific books I've come across in the past have usually been all glossy photographs and minimal text, but that view swiftly changed when I opened the book and turned to the contents page.

Commencing with a brief history pre-Golf and concluding by mentioning the Rabbit, Vento/Bora/Jetta and cabriolet models this book has it all, but it is the chapters covering the five generations of hatchback that people will be interested in and where I was most impressed.

So comprehensive is this book that I defy any anorak to come up with a missing fact - along with background information on each model the text provides detailed specifications and documents the changes and upgrades afforded to each generation of Golf. Concluding the hatchback history are the MK5 R32 and GTI Edition 3o models which to my knowledge only leaves out the later release Pirrelli Edition and very recently announced MK6!

While the text is well written and detailed, that is only half the story and it is the images which really impress. With a mixture of brochure images, original advertising posters and show car pictures the glossy detailed images that accompany each chapter richly illustrate how the Volkswagen Golf has evolved from cute baby (MK1) to chubby teen (MK4) and on to current grown up incarnation that is so plentiful on the UK roads testament to the enduring popularity of Volkswagen's family hatchback.

I'm sure you've realised by now that I really enjoyed this book and as a MK5 owner perhaps I'm a little biased, but with comprehensive information on each of the five generations of Golf and those wonderful photographs it is a must-have for any Volkswagen fan.


Review from (Australia), May 2007

If you're a VW fan, a former owner or just like a hatch or two, this is THE guide to everything Golf. Thankfully for us the focus of this book is predominantly on the high-performance models, including the R32 models.

There are plenty of high-colour press and driving shots, and the wealth of information inclusive is simply staggering. Everything from Mk I-V is there, with an epilogue tying up loose ends, US specification and topless models. It really is a massively comprehensive guide.

Over 176 pages are there for the reading, and I almost had to wrangle this book with hot poker in hand off our resident VW nut here such was the state of her interest.

Golf fan? You have to get this. 4/5

Review by Richard G. VanTreuren for Autoist, April 2007
Publication of the Volkswagen Club of America

Picking up a copy of my quarter-century old book "Getting The Most From Your Rabbit" especially if one were lucky enough to have the three updates done for it in '82, '83 and '84 in the pages of this magazine one might be motivated to ask, "What happened after that?" As if in answer, Veloce Publishing, of merry old England, just sent me its new book, VW Golf Five Generations of Fun.

The roughly 8-by-l0 firm-cover book is written by Richard Copping, with many of the photographs taken by Ken Cservenka.

U.S. readers are going to be surprised at the publisher's use of color (colour, the Brits say) on every page. It's packed with bright photographs that are sometimes dazzling, even under-hood shots coming alive in both factory photos and show shoots. While there is obviously a GTI emphasis, no UK model, even minor decorative series, is left out.

Of course, the book concentrates on the UK versions of the cars, but the rest of the world is not completely ignored: The author notes, for example, that in the United States, it was and is now again the Rabbit. In fact, American readers are going to find the most familiar territory in the last chapter.

This reviewer most enjoyed the text in which the author explained goings-on behind the scenes at VW, the background personalities and company politics that lead to the model mix as presented. In this area the book picks up where "Small World" left off, as the company acquired and merged NSU and Auto Union.

VW Golf Five Generations of Fun is a must-have for the Golf enthusiast.

Review from Volkswagen Driver, December 2006

A comprehensively illustrated model history, it presents a complete guide to the five Golf generations, covering all models not just the GTI, but other variants as well. A combination of technical chronology and background political history, plus personal comment, makes the extensive text heavy going, but worth the effort, while the assorted illustrations from original brochures, stock photography and feature photos of current cars take care of the visual interest.

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Hardback edition also available


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