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October 23, 2019
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Triumph TR6 – The Essential Buyer's Guide

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APP Triumph TR6 – Essential Buyer's Guide
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Triumph TR6 – The Essential Buyer's Guide
Limited number of author-signed copies available. Request during checkout.

By Roger Williams
About the Author

Paperback • 195mm x 139mm • 64 pages • 101 colour pictures

ISBN: 9781845840266

£ 12.99 Postage + P&P (eBook prices vary, and delivery is free)

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Don't buy a car without this book!
Expert advice from a marque expert
Unique points scoring system to evaluate cars after inspection
Walk away or stay? - quick initial evaluation of a car
How to check the car's authenticity
Which models are best
The implications of restoration
Is it the right car for you? - will it fit your garage, will you fit in the car?
Running cost details
Detailed specifications


Don't buy a car without this unique illustrated guide! Expert advice will help you to find the best car for your money.


A small investment in this book could save you a fortune ... With the aid of Roger Williams’ step-by-step expert guidance, you'll discover all you need to know about the TR6 you want to buy. Its unique point system will help you to place the cars value in relation to condition. This is an important investment – don't buy a Triumph TR6 without this book's help.

Independent Reviews

Review from The Automobile, January 2007

If you are just thinking of buying any of these cars, the booklets give an extremely good guide as to how to go about it, starting with ensuring that it really is the right car for you. The bulk of the pages tells you how to check the condition of the cars you inspect, and gives a simple marking system to make comparisons. Costs of replacement parts are also given. At the end you get a list of clubs and specialists. At that price, it is very cheap insurance against getting the wrong car.

Review from Australian Classic Car

Looking for an MGB, E-type or TR6? Need a quick and easy reference guide for the car of your dreams? These three smaller publications may be just what you need. As the title implies each is a buyer's guide containing all sorts of useful information. Each follows the same format and starts with the obvious - "Is it the right car for you?" - and even asks how tall you are and advises on the minimum size garage needed. Next comes the cost of the vehicle as well as spares. What's it like to drive? Is it practical? Then it's the important bits - what to look for in each vehicle. This is divided into a quick inspection, key points and serious evaluation. These steps are followed by tips on the paperwork involved and on reckoning what the car really is worth to the buyer. Restoration? That's included but the writers pull no punches, saying that it will take longer and will cost more than you think. Further chapters deal with clubs, parts suppliers, publications and vehicle vital statistics. These are very useful publications and highly recommended.


Review from Octane Magazine, August 2006

Veloce continues to churn out this series of slim pocket-sized guides at a prolific rate. Each is written by someone with extensive real-life experience of the subject car and illustrated with lots of (rather small) colour pics.The buying advice is of the kind familiar from countless magazine articles but dispensed in much greater detail, and there are useful appendices on chassis numbers, books, specifications and so on.


Review by Classic Cars, August 2006

Literally pocket-sized - so you can take these guides when you go and look at one of these cars - initially this book seems very UK/Europe oriented, with club addresses and specialist firms. But take a longer look and you'll realise it has plenty of good general advice on buying and owning an older car - like reminding you that paintwork always looks good on a wet night (something I realised after I'd bought at least one of my carsl).

But where it scores most highly is on the 15-minute evaluation ('walk away or stay'), where to look for problems, and the serious evaluation ('60 minutes for years of enjoyment'). The 32 headings include engine noise, cabin trim, and clutch and pedal assemblies. with good practical hints on what to look out for under each. Add up the car's points at the end (assuming you've found a patient vendor!) and you've got a pretty good idea of what you might be buying.

This is a practical and inexpensive book that could save you some real money.


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