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November 19, 2019
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Modifying Suzuki 4x4 for Serious Offroad Action

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Modifying Suzuki 4x4 for Serious Offroad Action eBook

Modifying Suzuki 4x4 for Serious Offroad Action

By John Richardson
About the Author

Softback. 128 pages. 250mm tall x 207mm. Over 250 colour illustrations.

ISBN: 9781904788911

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Covers off-road performance improvements model by model
Suggests levels of modification required for your type of off-roading
Describes, in stages, how to achieve your required modification level
Examines and evaluates currently available modifified components
Where to obtain modified components
Includes details of specialists, clubs and websites (worldwide)


Incredibly popular as an SUV the Suzuki 4x4 needs help to become a really serious off-roader. This book explores the real off-road potential of each Suzuki model and explains what modifications will give the very best performance for fun or sport. Written by an off road expert ,and with 175 color photos this is an invaluable guide to getting the most fun and performance out of YOUR Suzuki 4x4.


Anyone who owns a Suzuki 4x4, and wonders what it is REALLY capable of, needs this book. It illustrates in intimate detail, with the aid of 175 colour photographs and diagrams, what each model can do and how to modify it in stages to maximise its off-road potential. The book also covers practical factors, such as choice of tyres, gearing selection and modification for various purposes. In addition, it explores the history and evolution of the marque and sets out the skills required to carry out the various procedures. As ever, this is presented in the well illustrated, easy to follow SpeedPro style. Get the most out of your Suzuki 4x4.

Independent Reviews

Review from, March 2006

"It's official. There is now a book that lists EVERYTHING you've ever wanted to know about building Suzuki vehicles. It's called "How to modify Suzuki 4x4 for serious offroad action" - but we simply refer to it as the "Suzuki Bible". A must have if you are just getting started with your buildup. And an interesting read even if you've already built your Suzuki."

Review by Phil Hanson for 4wdNEWZ, March 2006

Much of the literature on modifying Suzukis has come from the US, so it's interesting to have this UK perspective from structures engineer and long time Suzuki enthusiast John Richardson.

It's a comprehensive book, but will be of most use to those wanting to tinker with leaf sprung Samurais, for which he describes modifications that range from mild to truly wild - so much so that in some cases you have to wonder why people would bother?

Oddly, there's nothing about the final version of the Samurai, the one with coil springs, introduced here in 1996.

A strength for many is that it assumes the reader is not already a mechanic so includes valuable information on the kind of equipment you'll need and even a very good chapter on how to go about MIG welding.

Much of the information revolves around describing and fitting the various aftermarket modification kits, such as those of Calmini in America (which are now also available from Australia). This aftermarket gear is generally very well thought out and well built, so it makes a lot of sense to use it.

Mr Richardson delves into all aspects, from rust repair to changing the seats. His coverage of alternative gearing is very good start putting bigger tyres on a Suzuki and lower ratios take on a new importance!


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