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August 17, 2019
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The Nitrous Oxide High-performance Manual

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The Nitrous Oxide High-performance Manual

By Trevor Langfield
About the Author

250mm tall x 207mm wide. 112 pages. 275 colour photos.

ISBN: 9781904788898

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The author has 35 years general tuning experience
The author has 25 years of extreme nitrous injection experience.
Written by a leading authority on nitrous oxide injection.
Educational for beginners and intermediates alike.
Informative yet entertain his readers.
The book will greatly appeal to owners of European and Japanese cars.
Details other external factors influential to nitrous performance.


Nitrous oxide is no longer purely for drag and street racers, this power boosting add-on is now available for many production cars, and even mopeds! Covering all aspects of nitrous oxide systems, from assessing suitability and choosing a system, through to installation and maintenance. This book presents all the facts illustrated with 150 color photographs in the clear, easily understood Speedpro style and is a must for anyone considering installing a nitrous oxide system


Once confined to the drag strip and notorious for blowing up engines, nitrous oxide technology has advanced significantly in recent years and is now much more widely available. This book is the definitive guide to nitrous systems. Written by specialist Trevor Langfield, with over 20 years experience in the field. This book covers everything from the history of nitrous oxide systems through to the practical application of the wide variety of systems now available, across a range of engine types. Well illustrated throughout with 150 color photographs. Also containing detailed information on installing and maintaining a system, how NOS works, and comparisons with other performance modifications. This book, from Veloces immensely successful Speedpro series is an indispensable aid for anyone looking to maximize their engine power.

Independent Reviews

Retro Cars December 2006

For some reason there's an air of the black arts that surrounds Nitrous Oxide systems. While the science is simple in theory, finding a safe, reliable and efficient way of getting the laughing gas into your engine in the first place requires some serious thought. Luckily, Trevor'the Wizard of Nos' Langfield has done all the thinking for you, and laid it out in an easy-to-follow guide. Like the rest of Veloce's SpeedPro Series, The Nitrous Oxide High-Performance Manual is to-the-point and informative.

While the manual doesn't promote building your own system from scratch, it's a very helpful guide in choosing the right system for your application, installation and maintenance. If you want to improve performance for relatively small money, it's a good place to start.

Review from Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car, July 2006

Go to any bookstore with an automotive section worth its salt and you'll find as many nitrous oxide manuals as you will coffee table books on Harley-Davidson. You can't throw a rod without finding one. So why on earth are we rating one with four stars, and why in a magazine that covers cars that aren't necessarily discussed in the same company as laughing gas?

The answer is, we've never seen a nitrous book written with the U.K. hotrodder in mind. And we're absolutely positive you've never read a book on nitrous that explains the effect of said gas on a Bond Bug fitted with a 700cc Reliant engine. (It decreased its 0 to 60 time by 10 seconds, by the way, the most dramatic increase the author has ever seen.) For that alone, it'd be worth the price of entry. But Langfield has packed this book with tons of useful information and photographs on getting your Lotus Elan on the bottle.

Langfield is somebody who has spent a long time understanding all the positive and negative aspects of a nitrous system. In fact, there's a photograph of him on his BSA 250 equipped with a nitrous system back in the early 1980s. The beginning of the book is loaded with kill stories in which Langfield took out flashier, more expensive competition in ratty, nitrous-equipped econoboxes.

Complete with 270 color pictures, this 112-page book is a hoot. One reading tip, however: Wizards of NOS is the big supplier of nitrous oxide parts and services in the U.K., so when you see Langfield write about "WON systems," insert NOS and you'll know what he's talking about.


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