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September 16, 2019
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Ford F-150 Pickup 1997 to 2005

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Ford F-150 Pickup 1997 to 2005
America’s Best-Selling Truck

By Robert Ackerson
About the Author

144 pages, 250x207mm, 251 illustrations (240 color/11 mono), Softback

ISBN: 9781904788867

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1- A vivid visual display of America’s most popular pickup truck.
2- The most complete history available of Ford’s greatest pickup.
3- A complete complication of detailed specifications and photos of over 50 years of Ford pickups.
4- A year-by-year review of the Ford F-series pickups.
5- Detailed information on prices and options.
6- Examines in detail the both limited edition and mass-produced F series pickups.
7- Loaded with colour photos of Lightnings, Harley-Davidson and King Ranch F-series.
8- An enthusiastic look at an American tradition - Ford’s F-series pickups.
9- An authoritative, accurate and lively look at America’s favourite vehicle.
10- Includes all the great Ford pickups from work trucks to Lightnings.


This book examines all aspects of the history of one of Ford Motor Company’s greatest successes, its F-series pickups. Complementing a detailed text examining annual model changes, options, specifications and the unique appeal of Ford’s limited-edition and high-performance pickups are hundreds of illustrations, nearly all in colour.


This book examines the most popular pickup truck of all time, the Ford F-150. It provides readers with hundreds of illustrations, nearly all in colour, of the F-series pickups. Whether it’s a work truck, a high-performance Lightning, a luxurious King-Ranch, a rugged off-road FX4 or a sensational Harley-Davidson F-150, all the great Fords are highlighted in this volume.

Independent Reviews

Review from America Car World, September 2005

Combined review for 'Ford F-100/F-150 Pickup 1953 to 1996' & 'Ford F-150 Pickup 1997 to 2005'

"... if it is bare facts you want, then both volumes contain plenty of detailed lists, with specifications, optional equipment, prices and production numbers."

"As a comprehensive reference source on Ford F-100 and F-150 pick-ups, these two books are hard to beat ..."

Review from Classic American, June 2005
UK magazine

Combined review for 'Ford F-100/F-150 Pickup 1953 to 1996' & 'Ford F-150 Pickup 1997 to 2005'

As Ford will happily tell you, the F-150 series has been the best-selling truck in the US for many years now (though they'd probably be less keen to admit that the F-150 is propping up the increasingly lacklustre sales of the rest of the Ford range) and is surely the best multi-purpose vehicle out there, from the most basic workhorse to the most modified Lightning. With over 50 years of heritage to look back on, the F-150 is a real national institution.

Now you can read all about 'em in these superb little paperbacks. Around 150 pages each, they're stacked with colour photos, press pictures, brochure shots, cutaway drawings, details, options listings and other stuff that will fascinate fans, not to mention the rather detail-heavy story. If Ford's Cowboy Cadillac is your cup of tea, whether old or new, get a copy pronto.


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