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August 22, 2019
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1950s Motorsport in colour (Leather)

1950s Motorsport in colour (Leather)

By Martyn Wainwright

Hardback. 25x25cm. 160 pages. 205 colour photographs

ISBN: 1-904788-40-8

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A unique collection of rare original colour photographs of Grand Prix and sports cars, taken between 1954 and 1959 at races and hillclimbs in England & Ireland. This book is an absolute must for Revivalists and all lovers of motorsport.

Independent Reviews

Classic & Sports Car February 2005
Gaynor Cauter
BEST BOOK Wainwright's 1950's Motorsport in Colour. An amazing archive of colour racing photos.

Startline Review December 2004

Colour images from the 1950s are very rare, so this unique collection of original colour photographs of Grand Prix and Sports Racing cars taken between 1954 and 1959 make this book invaluable for classic motorsport and "revival" enthusiasts, and include races and hill climbs at Goodwood (International meetings), Ulster TT, Aintree (British GP), Brands Hatch, Prescott and Shelsley Walsh.

Telegraph Motoring Saturday November 20, 2004
Peter Hall and Andrew English

Weary of the dayglo commercial activity that has infiltrated every level of motorsport (and indeed sport in general) over recent decades? Bored to tears by the ranks of sponsorship-sensitive, colour-coordinated, baseball-cap wearing professional drivers droning on and on with their meaningless cliche's about nothing in particular? Take a break.
Black and white images of 1950s racing cars are common enough, but Martin Wainwright�s colour photographs (also available as prints) really bring the era to life, not least because of the hues themselves simple greens, blues and reds appear rather dull until your eye grows accustomed to them; it's easy to forget just how colour-saturated the word has become.
His subjects are many and varied, but rarely less than fascinating. Marvel at sportsmen in shirt sleeves and pudding basin helmets wrestling with less than pristine machinery, unadorned with anything but hand-painted racing numbers. Laugh at the carefree attitude to danger, not merely among competitors but also the spectators standing inches from the track. Remember just how tatty most motorsport venues really were; if nothing else this book exposes the myth that Goodwood has been preserved in its original condition.
Light on text but with engaging captions to more than 200 photographs of 14 amateur and international events in the UK and Eire including Dundrod, Goodwood And Shelsley Walsh, this book is a wonderful evocation of the way things used to be.


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