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October 21, 2017
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How to Restore Triumph TR7 & 8

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How to Restore Triumph TR7 & 8

By Roger Williams
About the Author

144 pages. 270 x 207mm. Over 500 pictures, mainly in colour.

ISBN: 9781904788249

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The complete guide to completely restoring these models
How to choose & buy the right TR for your needs
How to create a restoration plan & get the help you need
How to save money along the way
How to restore the car in the most cost-effective way
Left hand to Right hand drive conversions
Includes information on Clubs, specialists & suppliers
Explains how & when to use of modern oils & fuels in Classic cars.
Includes information on welding & restoration techniques
Guides readers to completing most of the work themselves but advises what to subcontract.


Aided by various TR Specialists, ample photographic support, his own experiences & those of other amateur restorers, the author explains in some detail the characteristics of the various Triumph TR Sports cars, what to look out for when purchasing one & how to restore it cost effectively.

Independent Reviews

Review from Classic Cars, June 2005

Profusely illustrated in full colour throughout, this book will save you money in the long term as all aspects of buying and restoring are covered so comprehensively.

Review from Retro Cars, January 2005

If you've plans to modify or are in the process of modifying one of Triumph's classic doorstops then Roger Williams' new book may be of interest to you. How To Restore Triumph TR7 And TR8, is a step-by-step guide to getting your wedge back on the road with all the info you'll need on body, trim and mechanical restoration.

Everything from buying advice to welding techniques is covered and it has more than 500 colour illustrations, many of them unsurprisingly featuring masses of rust. The author's written two other books on MGBs and restored Triumphs too.

Review by Tony Beadle for Triumph World magazine, January 2005

Provides a step-by-step guide to rebuilding the body, trim, mechanical and electrical components of both the four-cylinder and V8 wedges. Drawing on his own experiences and those of other amateur restorers, plus some help from acknowledged TR experts, Roger has produced another comprehensive manual that contains a wealth of information.

Illustrated in colour throughout, there are chapters dealing with what to look for when buying a TR7 or TR8, establishing a restoration plan and how to go about renovating every single item you can think of. There's also a chapter on converting from left- to right-hand drive and an appendix about welding techniques. This book is, therefore, an extremely useful addition to any enthusiast's library; it is not intended to replace any factory workshop manuals or parts catalogues, but should be used in conjunction with them.

If you are contemplating taking on the restoration of a TR7 or TR8, or simply want to learn how to look after one better, this book should be at the very top of your shopping list.

Review by Steve Redway for TR Action, November 2004

There is no doubt about it, this year's most successful publication sales from the TR Register regalia sales office has to be the Roger Williams series of enthusiast's restoration manuals. In separate offerings the TR2, 3, & 3A, the TR4, 4A and TR5, 250 & 6 have been covered, offering an in depth approach to all restoration aspects of these cars. Personally I can lay a little claim to persuading Roger not to stop there, but rather to complete the series by covering the most popular TR7 series. Now, ready for Christmas, 'How to Restore TR7 & 8' has hit the shelves and again promises to be another TR Register best seller, simply because it's the best restoration book ever for the Harris Mann series of TRs.

Following the previous successful format this soft back, 144 pages 270 x 207mm book is abundantly illustrated throughout. Indeed there's a picture to support every aspect on the text. But where our TR7-8 enthusiasts win, is in the fact that this publication is 100 percent colour and what a difference that makes to the over 500 photographs contained within the publication.

'How to Restore TR7 & 8' is a step-by-step illustrated guide to body, trim and mechanical restoration, following the successful format of the previous publications. The first part of the book goes into an introduction to the TR series and really, how the TR7 evolved for as we all know it was the only TR to leave the separate chassis arrangement behind and go for a full monocoque construction. It is in this aspect that it is a much different TR when it comes to restoration.

Buying the right TR7 is crucial to the success of any restoration. Do you pay little, get a rough one and save the money for the restoration, or does one invest as much as you can at the purchasing of the car stage? Certainly the second chapter goes into a great deal of superbly illustrated examples of what you can find when you start lifting carpets and getting under the car for the first time. In fact some of the examples Roger found are enough to break your heart and I just didn't realise that TR7s could rust so badly. Obviously there's all the facts about producing a restoration plan as well, which is essential for the success of the project and allows you to restore the car in the most cost-effective manner.

If you have ever seen a rusty TR7 (and who hasn't) then you'll understand why there is a very comprehensive chapter on bodywork dealing with doors, floor pans, sills, bulkhead, bonnet and boot. There's a fair bit of detail regarding body jigs that are essential for retaining the integrity and accuracy of the body shell and also when it may well be better to start looking around for a Californian shell as opposed to carry on repairing.

There's a full chapter on painting the car including lots of information regarding the materials to use and how to get that showroom finish from your own garage spray booth. The engine rebuild is the subject of two chapters because as we know, there are two engine variants involved, the two-litre four-cylinder and larger 3.5-litre eight-cylinder fitted to the TR8. Much of any engine rebuild will have to be contracted out to specialists such as re-bore and head machinists and Roger has grasped this aspect well in the book photographing many of these process so you can see what is necessary. However as is essential with the other books in this series, a workshop manual and parts list will also be an invaluable aid to this aspect of your restoration.

Clutches and gearboxes are covered in a separate chapter and there is even a full chapter for the TR8 and Californian importer of TR7s about the electronic fuel system. For the owner of the UK TR7s and conventional TR8s a chapter deals in a comprehensive manner with the more normal carburettor induction, dealing with original fitment, renovation and typical problems encountered by owners.

Even if you are not intending to restore your particular TR7 then the two separate chapters on suspension and brakes will make essential reading, because as you are probably aware, the TR7 in original form, had barely adequate ability in these two important aspects. So for uprating suspension and brakes these two chapters alone will be of great benefit and again the colour illustrations show you exactly what is necessary in an easy to understand manner.

Another chapter deals with the back axle plus there's lots of detail in the electrical section too. The TR7 was the most electrically complex TR ever made so an understanding of this area is very important to any home restorer. This section does require the support of wiring diagrams and maybe more detail on some of the ancillaries, but there is plenty detail on restoration and fault finding the headlights.

'How to restore TR7 & 8' deals quite extensively with trim restoration in an exclusive chapter. The TR7 was also the first TR to extensively feature a full plastic dash assembly and this is investigated thoroughly, both how to remove and how to restore the unit. Building seats, fitting trim panels and carpets all get Roger Williams extensive treatment making this an area that even the most amateur restorer could easily tackle now.

The final chapters deal with hood fitting and for the US importer, the conversion from right hand to left hand hooking, so you can see that this is a very valuable book for TR owners even if they are not intending to fully restore their car.

Appendices at the end cover clubs applicable to the marque and a good section on welding, something that any TR7 owner will have to master at some time or another.

As always you cannot produce a book of this nature without the support of the suppliers and in this case TR Bitz, Robsport, Rimmer Brothers and RPI engineering all helped with pictures and support.

Whilst there are areas outside this book that you will inevitably have to deal with when you restore a car as complex as the TR7, I thoroughly recommend 'How to restore TR7 & 8' by Roger Williams to you all. In 144 pages it covers all aspects of the job in an easy to read manner with an excellent selection of colour pictures and completes and excellent series of restoration books from this accomplished author and classic car restorer.

Another best seller? You bet!


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