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November 19, 2019
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Micro Caravans - the illustrated history from 1918

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Micro Caravans - the illustrated history from 1918

By Andrew Jenkinson
About the Author

250mm tall x 207mm, 80 pages, 110 pictures (inc 60 colour).

ISBN: 1-904788-23-8

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First full UK history book on the small caravan.
Fully illustrated with some rare photos.
Unique book dedicated to this market sector.
Features layout model plans.
Starts at the beginning of car pulled trailer caravans.
Includes all imported models into the UK.
Shows Mini and other small classic cars pulling small caravans.
Includes the smallest modern micro caravans.
Nostalgic and informative.
Takes a light-hearted view of the small / micro caravan.


The book looks at the development of the very first small car pulled caravans. From the real micro caravans with a length of 2.31m designed to be pulled behind motorbikes.


History of the small caravan describes the development of the small touring caravan, and the role it played in introducing the small car owner to caravanning. From the Eccles of the 20s to the Tab and Freedom caravan of today the book follows the often-amusing trends of the small touring caravan.


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