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May 22, 2019
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Motor Racing at Brands Hatch in the Seventies

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Motor Racing at Brands Hatch in the Seventies

Motor Racing at Brands Hatch in the Seventies

By Chas Parker
About the Author

Hardback. 190 x 205mm. 96 pages. 150 pictures mainly in colour.

ISBN: 9781904788065

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During the 1970s, Brands Hatch was the busiest motor racing circuit in the world. Using previously unpublished photographs and accounts of events, this book provides a personal view of activities and changes at the track during its heyday and paints an affectionate picture of motor racing at its very best.

Independent Reviews

From Classic Car Weekly, October 2005

During the Seventies, Brands Hatch was one of the busiest motor racing circuits in the world, and what had started out as mushroom field in the heart of the Kent countryside quickly flourished as a venue for both motorcycle and car racing. This book, published in the ‘Those were the Days’ series by Veloce, covers the circuits heyday as a motoring circuit, when the big names of racing like Jackie Stewart, Nikki Lauda and James Hunt could be seen jockeying for track position.

Written by Chas Parker, a freelance writer and editor of Motorsport News, the author has an obvious passion for motor racing, and spent much of the Seventies snapping photographs at the circuit and here provides many previously unpublished images and on-the-spot accounts of events. With the book divided into a separate chapter for each year, it provides a spectators, rather than a competitors point of view, so the reader can flick through and see who drove what and to how much success.

Quite literally crammed with grainy, colour photographs there is something interesting to look at on every single page and with over 140 different images to thumb through, it provides an atmospheric account of the golden age of motor sport at Brands Hatch and is an excellent book to have lying on your coffee table.

There are all kinds of wonderful racing scenes pictured, from Mini’s cocking a wheel whilst cornering and Formula 1 cars going hell-for-leather, to the novelty sight of caravan races. This would make an excellent gift or library addition for all motor sport enthusiasts familiar with Druids, Hawthorn Hill and Dingle Dell Corner.

Review from Classic Lotus Racer, August 2005

'Motor Racing at Brands Hatch in the seventies' is written by Chas Parker from the spectators viewpoint using previously unpublished photographs.

Its another book in the series 'Those Were the Days', and is a nice mix of photographs and extended captions. Each year from 1970 to 79 is given a chapter, and within, it covers the races held at Brands, be it F5000 or the Sports Prototypes or of course F1. All raced at the' Hatch, even Indy Cars came over for a pair to back to back races.

Throughout the book the text covers how the various formula evolved and this adds considerably to the interest.

Lotus naturally are well covered. Among the many colour photographs, the Lotus 80, complete with skirts, is pictured with Andretti at the helm during qualifying – although he reverted to the type 79 for the race.

If you were a visitor to Brands Hatch this book will bring back many memories, recommended.

"The colour illustrations are of absolute top quality." - Motorsport magazine, May 2005

Review from Classic Car Mart, February 2005

This is the latest book in Veloce Publishing's Those Were the Days... series of motoring nostalgia. If the 1970s were your 'golden age' of motor sport, this book should be right up your pit lane. Filled with previously unpublished images from a variety of racing at the Kent circuit, and written from a spectator's viewpoint, rather than a competitor's or journalist's, this is an entertaining read of personal reminiscences and anecdotes. The photography is the main attraction of this book. There is a good mix of track action and behind-the-scenes images. The shots taken in open pit lanes, With spectators mingling with the engineers, really bring home how much motor sport has changed in the last thirty years. There's a good mix of racing too, with Grand Prix, saloon cars, Formula Ford, Formula Junior, Formula Atlantic and many other racing formulae featured.

This is a nicely packaged, highly evocative book, capturing a moment in the past and would make a pleasant addition to the collection of any motor sport fan.

Review from Motorsport News, December 2004

Incredible. The best motorsports book of the year. In fact, ever. The pictures are sublime, the text evocative.

Review from Startline, Issue 17, December 2004

During the 1970s, Brands Hatch was the busiest motor racing circuit in the world. Using previously unpublished photographs and on-thespot accounts of events, this book provides Chas Parker's personal view of the venue's events during its heyday, and paints an affectionate picture of British motor racing at its very best.

Review from the Motoring Telegraph, November 2004

Forget high-art motorsport images. Here, we get a fan's perspective of life on the far side of the fence at a time when Brands Hatch hosted Formula One races on an annual basis and you could still get close to the cars.

The content is not top-heavy with F1, either. If it moved, Parker snapped it: you'll find everything from Gilles Villeneuve's Ferrari 312 T3 to showjumper Ann Moore's unsuccessful attempts to cope with increased horsepower via Ginger Marshall's extraordinarily successful racing Mini Countryman. Some of the paddock shots are particularly evocative: Ford Capris, rickety wooden fences, tawdry caravans ... you can almost smell the burgers from a quarter of a century away.

The principle – a motor-racing arch-punter delving through his photographic archives – might be straightforward, but the result is a gorgeous periodic snapshot.


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